Zoie Hartman Splits 27.00 50 Breast, Sierra Marlins Sweep Boys’ Relays on Night 1 of Juniors West

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Day one of the 2018 Speedo Winter Junior National Championships – West kicked off today. The meet takes place from Dec. 5 to Dec. 8 at the Lee and Joe Jamail Swim Center in Austin, Texas.

After a night full of fast relays, Bellevue Club Swim Team currently leads the girls’ team standings with 84 points, followed by Crow Canyon (64) and Magnolia Aquatic Club (62). After two relay golds, Sierra Marlins Swim Team is in front of the boys’ team race with 80 points ahead of Nitro Swimming (60) as Irvine Novaquatics and Rose Bowl Aquatics are tied for third with 54 points each.

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Girls 4×50 Medley Relay

The meet began as Crow Canyon posted a half-second victory in the 4×50 medley relay. The team of Jessica Davis (25.86), Zoie Hartman (27.00), Alexis Depaco (24.27) and Sophia Kosturos (22.68) posted a final time of 1:39.81.

Aquajets Swim Team’s Abby Kapeller (25.20), Isabelle Stadden (27.65), Maddy Potter (24.36) and Peyton D’Emanuele (23.05) took second in 1:44.27 while Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Greer Pattison (24.69), Sadie Edwards (28.98), Chloe Zapata (24.84) and Ashley Stouse (22.48) finished third in 1:40.99.

Palo Alto Stanford (1:41.09), Bellevue Club Swim Team A (1:41.42), Brea Aquatics (1:41.43), Bellevue Club Swim Team B (1:41.78) and Magnolia Aquatic Club (1:41.88) rounded out the top eight.

Boys 4×50 Medley Relay

Sierra Marlins Swim Team won the boys’ opening event, winning the 4×50 medley relay by just over a second. The quartet of Colby Mefford (22.10), Ben Dillard (24.25), Jack Gillespie (22.61) and Finn O’Haimhirgin (20.05) combined to win in 1:29.01.

Second went to Rose Bowl Aquatics’ Mark McCrary (22.72), James Lee (25.80), Danny Syrkin (21.12) and Will Blake (20.63) in 1:30.27 as Sooner Swim Club’s Aiden Hayes (21.91), Caleb Sullivan (26.45), Daniel Wilson (22.09) and Jonathan Tang (20.81) took third in 1:31.26.

Nitro Swimming (1:31.48), Bainbridge Island Swim Club (1:31.62), Alamo Area Aquatic Association (1:31.68), Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club (1:31.75) and Hillsboro Swim Team (1:31.79) completed the top eight.

Girls 4×200 Free Relay

Magnolia Aquatic Club completed the meet’s opening day with a victory in the 4×200 free relay by three seconds. The team of Zoe Gawronska (1:47.92), Kaitlynn Sims (1:46.89), Jojo Daspit (1:50.54) and Lillie Normdmann (1:44.62) found themselves on top of the podium after posting a final time of 7:09.87.

The Brea Aquatics relay team of Samantha Pearson (1:47.82), Marly Lough (1:49.94), Zephy Koh (1:47.14) and Justina Kozan (1:47.42) raced to second in 7:12.32 and Bellevue Club Swim Team’s Gracie Felner (1:47.58), Gabby Dang (1:50.75), Aneta Wyzaga (1:49.01) and Sarah Dimeco (1:47.16) wound up third in 7:14.50.

Irvine Novaquatics (7:15.41), Tualatin Hills Swim Club (7:19.09), North Coast Aquatics (7:19.68), Crow Canyon (7:20.01) and Palo Alto Stanford (7:20.95) also finished in the fastest eight.

Boys 4×200 Free Relay

Not too long after posting a convincing win in the 4×50 medley relay, Sierra Marlins Swim Team posted another dominant performance in the 4×200 free relay. The team of Mefford (1:36.33), Dillard (1:37.77), Sean Swift (1:41.06) and O’Haimhirgin (1:37.74) won in 6:32.90.

Santa Clara Swim Club’s Christopher Rolling (1:41.64), Dylan Hawk (1:36.78), Max Saunders (1:38.85) and Matthew Chung (1:39.76) finished second in 6:37.03 as Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Tanner Falls (1:39.67), Max Weed (1:38.78), Dylan Melin (1:39.85) and Stefan Cooley (1:39.35) took third in 6:37.65.

Also posting top-eight performances were Nitro Swimming (6:37.69), Austin Swim Club (6:37.73), DART Swimming (6:38.07), Charger Aquatics (6:39.53) and Irvine Novaquatics (6:39.82).

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