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Our staff takes pride in being the world’s leading independent resource for aquatic news and history.

Sports Publications International (SPI) first published Swimming World Magazine – the most trusted source for news, training, technique and lifestyle – over 60 years ago. Swimming World is now a multi-media outlet that includes digital, social and print.



  • The leading independent aquatics publication in the world
  • Presents complete national and international coverage of competitive aquatic sports including competitive swimming, open water swimming, diving, artistic swimming (synchronized swimming) and water polo.  Content includes stunning photos, columns and personality features of age group, high school, college and elite athletes.
  • Premium Access allows subscribers to download and view magazines on any device.
  • Published quarterly, print and digital distribution


  • Swimming World offers a Premium Access Subscription online giving visitors unlimited access to SwimmingWorld.com and Swimming World Mobile news, plus digital access to the current and past years of Swimming World Magazine issues. 
  • News content is  produced 24/7 by professionals around the world.


Contact our Advertising Team: Advertising@SwimmingWorld.com