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14 Things You Miss While Not Swimming

14 Things You Miss While Not Swimming Swimming World told followers on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok platforms, "What have you missed the most while not being able to swim? Here are some of the best responses to the absence of the sport we all love so much... and may have taken for granted. https:/...

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25 Signs of A Swimmer - Without Saying So!

25 Signs of A Swimmer - Without Saying So! Swimming World told followers on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok platforms to reveal statements that allude to the fact that they were swimmers without actually saying it. Here are some of the best responses of the "tell-tale" signs of a swimmer: https://www...

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How Do Blind Swimmers Know When To Flip at the Wall? (VIDEO)

Paralympian and journalism intern, McClain Hermes, shares exclusively with Swimming World some of her methods of doing a flip turn at the wall. As a blind swimmer, Hermes has found freedom in swimming. She even fulfilled her dreams of competing at the pinnacle of success. At just fifteen years old, ...

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World Record Swim Prior to Tokyo - What’s Next For Gia Pergolini?

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games brings a lot of uncertainty for the athletes. While most swimmers have been left without a way to train, many are finding creative ways to continue to work. While the world has stopped, many are prepared to chase their lifelong dreams. The O...

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Smells like Teen Spirit... Nah, it’s Chlorine.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories. Anyone who has spent time around a pool can tell you that there is a certain scent from chemicals in a bu...

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College Takeover Series Returns to Swimming World Instagram

Colleges and universities from across the country share a “day in the life” of a college athlete. Swimming World has teamed together with college aquatic programs all over the country to create an exclusive weekly social media series on Swimming World Instagram.

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How to Destroy Viruses and Keep Indoor Pool Air Safe

You have a beautiful indoor aquatics facility. But where are your swimmers? How do you safely welcome back athletes and leisure swimmers now that U.S. facilities are re-opening despite the continued threat of COVID-19 transmission? BioOx®, a 100 percent natural solution, scientifically proven to ful...

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3 Ways That The Pool Saved Swimmers During The Pandemic

When we were told to stay home and social distance in March, we weren’t sure how long we’d be fighting a global pandemic. By late May, many of us felt anxious and ready to get back to some normalcy. All throughout the US, pools considered whether or not they could meet social distance requirements a...

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Special Olympics Promote Inclusion With Unified Partners

By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” -JK Rowling Division can occur both within and between sports teams due to a variety factors. Unification, however, plays a vital role in success for all sports, including swi...

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An Open Letter to Summer League Swimming

By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern. The palms of your hands grip your elbows, eyes wandering up and down the length of the pool. You triple-check the event, heat, lane and stroke grid etched in Sharpie on your arm to ensure you’re in the right place. Your head frantically moves back an...

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9 Unique Experiences as the Sibling of a Paralympian

By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern. Daily annoyances, inside jokes, rivalries and closet raids are typical occurrences when you live with siblings. Even when your brother or sister is a Paralympian, the bond you have as siblings is the same as any other. He or she just happens to be a ...

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9 Ways An Injury Shapes You

By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern. It was just like any other day - until it wasn’t. Everything changed in an instant. Trips to swim practice became visits to doctors appointments; waiting for the weekend off became waiting for test results; minutes on the pool deck stretching before ...

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Finding Freedom: The Story of Paralympic Swimmer, McClain Hermes

By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern.   McClain Hermes’ highlighter-yellow shoes carried her across the blue pool deck as her name flashed on the screen behind her. She walked steadily to the blocks, one hand gripped lightly to her cane and the other to the arm of her tapper - two things...