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The International Swimming Hall of Fame wants to know if you are one in a thousand?  We think you are!  Show how special you are and become a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s “One In A Thousand” Club.  Help keep the International Swimming Hall of Fame moving forward toward a new vision, expanded online collection, and renovated museum by joining now!

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Join Olympians, world record holders, and icons in aquatic sports in becoming One in a Thousand.

Since the launch of the campaign, legends and icons in aquatic sports have joined the club and said why ISHOF is important to them.  Read their stories here:

Sandra Bucha: ISHOF Board Member, Honoree, Open Water SuperstarRead Sandra’s story

Sid Cassidy: Head Coach and Aquatic Director for the Saint Andrew’s School and Aquatics in Boca Raton, Florida – Read Sid’s story

Klaus DiBiasi: ISHOF Honoree and triple Olympic medalist – Read Klaus’ story

Nicholas Granger: 2016 MISHOF Honor Swimmer and two-time Cancer Survivor – Read Nicholas’ story

Felix Grossman, Master’s ISHOF Honoree and diver – Read Felix’s story

Jason Lezak: 4X Olympian, 4X Gold Medalist, and World Record Holder – Read Jason’s story

Cynthia Potter: 1987 ISHOF Honoree and 28-time National Champion as a Diver – Read Cynthia’s story

Dara Torres: ISHOF Honoree and five-time Olympic team member – Read Dara’s story

New York Breakers: ISL Team under General Manager Tina Andrew – Read New York Breakers story

Paul Asmuth: 2010 Honor Open Water swimmer – Read Paul’s story

Rich Burns: Masters Hall of Fame swimmer – Read Rich’s story

Dale Neuberger: FINA Vice President – Read Dale’s story

Steve Lundquist: 1984 Olympic gold medalist – Read Steve’s story

Ian McAllister: the grandson of 1920 Olympic medalist and Hall of Fame pioneer swimmer Hilda James – Read Ian’s story

Craig Beardsley: Pan American Games gold medalist and former 200 butterfly world record holder – Read Craig’s story

Tom Boak: Long-time Masters swimming contributor – Read Tom’s story

David Marsh: USA Swimming Olympic coach – Read David’s story

Robert Strauss: 1972 Olympic swimmer – Read Robert’s story

Jane Katz: 1999 Paragon Award winner in recreational swimming – Read Jane’s story

Peter Heatley: son of 2016 Honor Contributor Peter Heatley, Scottish freestyle champion and record holder – Read Peter’s story

Join the One in a Thousand Club by helping ISHOF on a monthly or one-time basis.



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During these unprecedented times, the ISHOF Board is calling on every member in the aquatic community to make a small monthly commitment of support to show how special you are and how special the International Swimming Hall of Fame is to everyone.

Our goal is simple. If we get 1,000 people to simply commit $10, $25 or $50 per month, we will generate enough revenue to go beyond this Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis.” – Bill KentChairman of the ISHOF Board

Those that believe in our vision, mission, and goals can join us in taking ISHOF into the future and be a part of aquatic history.”  – Brent Rutemiller – CEO and President of ISHOF

Since 1965, ISHOF has been the global focal point for recording and sharing the history of aquatics, promoting swimming as an essential life-skill, and developing educational programs and events related to water sports. ISHOF’s vision for the future is to build a new museum and expand its reach by offering its museum artifacts digitally through a redesigned website.

The ISHOF Board of Directors is calling on all members of the aquatics community to make a small monthly commitment to show their dedication to aquatics and how special the International Swimming Hall of Fame is to everyone.

One in a Thousand Members

Ahlee Osborn

Andy Ross

Anne Berry

Anthony Cabrera

Anthony Ervin

Barbara Dunbar

Betty Parnham

Bill Kent

Bill Spahn

Bill Walker

Bob Pavkovich

Bob Steele

Bonnie Read

Brenda Villa

Brent Rutemiller

Brian Gordon

Brian O’Neill

Bridget Hilferty

Bruce Johansson

Bruce Mallette

Bruce Wigo

Carl Rieger

Carol Fitzsimmons

Cheryl gettlefinger

Cheryl Kupan

Craig Lord

Craid Murray

Craig Beardsley

Cynthia Potter

Cynthia Potter & Peter Lasser

Dale Neuburger

Dara Torres

David Diehl

David Lynch

David Marsh

Denes Kemeny

Denise Ihrig-Hernandez

Denise Israels

Doug Buchan

Dr. Cathy Ferguson

Edwin Pyle

Eldon Godfrey

Elvira Khasyanova

Ersa Kent

Faye Poenisch

Felix Grossman

Frank Gorman

Frank Keefe

Frieder Class

Gary Hall Sr.

Gary Sheerer

George Schmidt

Giorgio Cagnotto

Greg Louganis

Greg Wallick, Best Roofing

Guilherme Ferreira

Heather Wray

Heidi Soderholm-Friedman

Ian McAllister

Jack Geoghegan

Jack Matthison

Jane Asher

Jane Katz

Janet Evans

Janice Rude-Wilson

Janis Dowd

Jason Lezak

Jay Johnson

Jeff Tawney

Jennifer Parks

Jesse Vassallo

Jill Rooks

Jill White

Joe Johnson

Joe Turner

Joey Wheatly

John Eife

John Grzeszczak

John Hardy

John Prevar

John Thomas

Karen Moe Humphreys

Karney Cacciavillano-McNear

Katerina Andrew

Katerina Prieto

Kathy Young

Kevin Matheus

Klaus DiBiasi

Kris Wingenroth

Kyle Goller

Laurie Marchwinski

Levy Gerzberg

Linda Lezak

Mara Garton

Marcia Cleveland

Marcia Meiners

Marcy MacDonald

Mark Hesse

Mark Schubert

Mark Spitz

Mel Goldstein

Michael Connellan

Michael Howell

Michael O’Loughlin

Michael Randazzo

Michael Schuelke

Michael Stott

Michele Herndon

Michelle DeFillipi

Micki King

Mike Casciato

Mindy Seidler

Monica Howell

Nicolas Granger

NY Breakers

Patty Caretto Brown

Paul Asmuth

Paul Battenburg

Peter Heatly

Peter Rocca

Rebecca Dobier

Rich Burns

Rita Polatin

Rob Butcher

Robert Rachor

Robert & Jennie Strauss

Rowdy Gaines

Rudy Espino

Russell Hafferkamp

Russell Weaver

Sally Hansell

Sandra Bucha

Sandra Nitta

Scott Salomon

Sid Cassidy

Stathis Avramidis

Stephen Darnell

Steve Clark

Steve Lundquist

Steve NcFarland

Stu & Meg Keller-Marvin

Sue Baker

Suzette Osborn

Tad Reynales

Taylor Brien

Teri Hatcher

Tobias Boedeker

Tom Boak

Tom Gompf

Tracy Grilli

Trevor Rill

Troy & Suzanne Franzen

Tyler Magarity

Valerie Portney

Vicki Mazza

Victoria King

Vladimir Salnikov

Wayne Goldsmith

William Ireland

Zora Evanoff

*If for some reason we have missed your name, please let us know. Contact Meg Keller-Marvin at

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The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) museum opened its doors to the public in December of 1968 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. That same year, the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) – the governing body for Olympic aquatic sports – designated the ISHOF museum as the “Official Repository for Aquatic History”.   In 2018, Sports Publications Inc, publisher of Swimming World Magazine and its multi-media platforms, merged with ISHOF to expand the museum’s reach and impact.  Today, ISHOF’s vision is to be the global focal point for recording and sharing the history of aquatics, promoting swimming as an essential life-skill, and developing educational programs and events related to water sports.  Show your support for the sport of swimming by becoming a member of ISHOF.

ISHOF Vision Statement
To be the global focal point for recording and sharing the history of aquatics, promoting swimming as an essential life-skill, and developing educational programs and events related to water sports.

ISHOF Mission Statement
To collaborate with aquatic organizations worldwide to preserve, educate and celebrate history, showcase events, share cultures, and increase participation in aquatic sports.


Architectural rendition of Hall of Fame Aquatic Center that is currently under renovation.

The International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inc. is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in the State of Florida. Contributions to ISHOF are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. ISHOF’s tax identification number is 59-1087179. A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE OR FROM THE WEBSITE, REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. You can find out more about us on under International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inc.

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