USMS to Allow Adults to Try One Free Workout Through Try Masters Swimming Campaign

Photo Courtesy: Laura Hamel/U.S. Masters Swimming

U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) is allowing adults to try at least one free workout with a participating club this July as part of its Try Masters Swimming campaign.

More than 200 clubs and workout groups across the country are taking part in this initiative as interest in the sport of swimming increases because of the U.S. Olympic Team swimming trials in June and the Tokyo Olympics in July. Their participation will help Masters programs rebuild and grow, and provide adults an opportunity to experience swimming’s life-changing health benefits.

Interested swimmers must complete a trial membership form to participate. The form features only participating clubs and connects swimmers to the club to set up their workout.

“Masters Swimming workouts provide a fun environment to enjoy the amazing benefits of our sport,” USMS CEO Dawson Hughes says. “We want to give as many adults as possible—whether they haven’t swum in a long time or want to take the next step in their training—the opportunity to jump into one of our workouts to experience for themselves what tens of thousands of adults just like them across the country are already enjoying.”

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Try Masters Swimming is open to swimmers of all abilities, whether they want to try a club for the first time, improve their overall fitness, swim for fun, develop better technique, train for an event, or check something off their bucket list.

Participants are eligible to then join USMS by taking advantage of its special Year-Plus membership offering that starts July 1 and provides membership through 2022 for just $99.

More information on Try Masters Swimming is available on USMS’s website.

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