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Swim Fort Lauderdale Wins US Masters Team National Championship

The Swim Fort Lauderdale Masters team won the National Team Championship title at the 2021 United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Long Course National Championship during the weekend. A field of 706 swimmers from 159 teams competed at the event October 7-10 at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio. Thi...

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USMS Nationals Day 3: Perfecting the 100 Freestyle

USMS Nationals Day 3: Perfecting the 100 Freestyle By Daniel Paulling The 100 freestyle is a challenging race that requires swimmers to have top-notch sprinting capabilities but also a level of endurance if they want a great time. To help you perfect your 100 freestyle, here are tips from two swimme...

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USMS Nationals Day 2: Backstroke Bands, Unique Drills Lead to Titles

USMS Nationals Day 2: Backstroke Bands, Unique Drills Lead to Titles By Daniel Paulling Backstroke can be a difficult stroke to swim. Many backstrokers struggle with a lack of body rotation that keeps their stroke long and efficient or crossing over on their entry. To help you swim like a national c...

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US Masters Swimming Elects Board of Directors; Honors Volunteers

US Masters Swimming elected officers to its Board of Directors and honored many of its deserving volunteers with service awards at its 2021 virtual annual meeting. USMS is pleased to announce that the following officers were elected: Peter Guadagni (president), Chris Colburn (vice president of admin...

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5 Reasons to Continue Swimming as a Lifelong Sport

By Lianne McCluskey, Swimming World College Intern. Many collegiate swimmers look at the end of their college swimming eligibility as the beginning of "swammer" status; however, this does not have to be the case. U.S. Masters Swimming has referred to swimming as "the magic pill" for a reason - regar...

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Swimming vs. Running: A Breakdown

There is a certain camaraderie between swimmers and runners. It’s indescribable, but the two cardio-intensive sports often are paired. Many swimmers try to cross-train into running and vice-versa, but find it difficult to adapt to the different mechanics that the other sport demands. The likes of Fl...