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Swimming vs. Running: A Breakdown

There is a certain camaraderie between swimmers and runners. It’s indescribable, but the two cardio-intensive sports often are paired. Many swimmers try to cross-train into running and vice-versa, but find it difficult to adapt to the different mechanics that the other sport demands. The likes of Fl...

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Why Graduates Choose Masters Swimming

Why Graduates Choose Masters Swimming Waking up at the crack of dawn to the ambulance-like siren of an alarm clock is the lifestyle that college swimmers become quickly accustomed to. Going straight from hours of early morning practice to dryland training, and then to a second practice, already soun...

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US Masters Swimming Announces Staff Realignment

US Masters Swimming’s National Office staff underwent a realignment as the organization prepares to rebuild and grow following the coronavirus pandemic. Kyle Deery, USMS’s longest-tenured staff member, has been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer and will continue to oversee marketing, branding, com...

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Masters Swimming Affected Heavily by COVID-19 Pandemic

There are more than 65,000 Masters swimmers in the United States representing nearly 1,500 swimming teams across the country, and as with so many other organizations, meets have been postponed multiple times and even canceled altogether. Swimmers around the country have been missing out on competing...

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Thoughts While Swimming 6500 Yards In Birthday Suit

There was literally a new moon on the horizon at 4:45AM as I stood by the edge of the pool.  Dark skies, light rain, and 46F degrees of temperature surrounded me as I dipped my goggles into the water.  I stood there contemplating my belly button for a minute embracing the elements. “Brent, you reall...

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7 Reasons You Should Get Back Into the Pool As A Masters Swimmer

7 Reasons You Should Get Back Into the Pool As A Masters Swimmer By Alec Scott There is nothing quite like swimming. Once you are done racing competitively it can be hard to fill that void. Masters is a great way to get back into it and have some fun along the way. Here are seven reasons to consider...