‘The Water is My Sky’ Releases First Trailer for Swimming Documentary (VIDEO)

Photo Courtesy: The Water is My Sky
The first official trailer for The Water is My Sky is out and the film, produced by West Middle Productions is expecting to release the swimming documentary in the spring of 2021.

The film features Olympian Tom Wilkens, whose improbable rise to the international spotlight in the late 1990s serves as the centerpiece of the film’s narrative. Fellow Olympian Connor Jaeger is also featured, as well as former collegiate standout Taylor Garcia, the most decorated high school athlete in the history of the state of Michigan.

Collectively, the film paints a picture of elite competitive swimming rarely seen on the big screen, shining a light on both the devastating heartaches and joyous achievements commonly encountered by swimmers around the world.

“I could not be more excited to share the news of our upcoming release with the swimming community. We began working on this project nearly eight years ago, and we have been embraced by swimming fans around the world as they patiently awaited its completion. While we are still finalizing exactly how and when the film will be available, we wanted to make the announcement now in order to give our fans in the swimming community something to look forward to in the months ahead,” said Brian Tremml, director and University of Iowa Swimming alumnus (2008-2012).

“Every four years, swimming is thrust into the international spotlight as the most popular sport in the Olympics. In the years between, thousands of American swimmers train relentlessly outside of the public’s eye, chasing the elusive dream of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Their journey culminates in one of the harshest events in sports–the Olympic Trials–where the outcome of a race decided by mere tenths of a second has the power to define success or failure

“The Water is My Sky​ dives deep into the world of elite competitive swimming through the lives of three swimmers swept up in the hunt for a shot at Olympic glory. As they endure heartbreaking setbacks and soaring triumphs, each swimmer grapples with the underlying meaning behind their pursuit, revealing the true spirit of ordinary individuals chasing extraordinary dreams.”

More information about The Water is My Sky can be found at waterismysky.com.