SEC Awards: Erika Brown, Kieran Smith Earn Conference Top Honors

Photo Courtesy: Connor Trimble

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) announced its annual men’s and women’s swimming & diving awards to cap the 2019-20 season.

Kieran Smith of Florida was voted the Male Swimmer of the Year, and Brooks Curry of LSU was named the Male Freshman Swimmer of the Year. Kurtis Mathews of Texas A&M was selected as the Male Diver, while Manny Vazquez Bas of LSU and Victor Povzner of Texas A&M were tabbed as the Co-Male Freshmen Divers of the Year. Anthony Nesty of Florida was chosen as the Men’s Swimming Coach of the Year, and Jeff Shaffer of Auburn and Jay Lerew of Texas A&M share the Men’s Diving Coach of the Year award.

Erika Brown of Tennessee was selected as the Female Swimmer of the Year, and Zoie Hartman of Georgia was named the Female Freshman Swimmer of the Year. Alison Maillard of Auburn was voted the Female Diver of the Year, while Tanesha Lucoe of Alabama was tabbed as the Female Freshman Diver of the Year. Matt Kredich of Tennessee was chosen as the Women’s Swimming Coach of the Year, and Auburn’s Shaffer was tabbed the Women’s Diving Coach of the Year.

For the All-SEC Teams, the First Team consists of the top finisher in each event at the SEC Championships, and the Second Team consists of the second- and third-place finishers in each event. The All-Freshman Teams consist of any redshirt or true freshman who finished either in the top eight or is the highest scoring freshman of each event at the SEC Championships, excluding relay events.

The complete list of the 2020 SEC Swimming & Diving All-SEC Awards is as follows:

  • Swimmer of the Year: Kieran Smith, Florida, Erika Brown, Tennessee
  • Freshmen Swimmers of the Year: Brooks Curry, LSU, Zoie Hartman, Georgia
  • Swimming Coach of the Year: Anthony Nesty, Florida, Matt Kredich, Tennessee
  • Diver of the Year: Kurtis Mathews, Texas A&M, Alison Maillard, Auburn
  • Freshman Divers of the Year: Manny Vazquez Bas, LSU and Victor Povzner, Texas A&M, Tanesha Lucoe, Alabama
  • Diving Coaches of the Year: Jeff Shaffer, Auburn and Jay Lerew, Texas A&M, Jeff Shaffer, Auburn

Commissioner’s Trophy


  • Zane Waddell, Alabama
  • Shaine Casas, Texas A&M


  • Erika Brown, Tennessee

All-SEC First Team


  • Liam Bell, Alabama
  • Jonathan Berneburg, Alabama
  • Sam DiSette, Alabama
  • Tyler Sesvold, Alabama
  • Colton Stogner, Alabama
  • Zane Waddell, Alabama
  • Khader Baqlah, Florida
  • Clark Beach, Florida
  • Bobby Finke, Florida
  • Gerry Quinn, Florida
  • Kieran Smith, Florida
  • Camden Murphy, Georgia
  • Mingli Zhang, Kentucky
  • Brooks Curry, LSU
  • Danny Kovac, Missouri
  • Itay Goldfaden, South Carolina
  • Shaine Casas, Texas A&M
  • Kurtis Mathews, Texas A&M
  • Benjamin Walker, Texas A&M


  • Rhyan White, Alabama
  • Tanesha Lucoe, Alabama
  • Kensey McMahon, Alabama
  • Robyn Clevenger, Auburn
  • Claire Fisch, Auburn
  • AJ Kutsch, Auburn
  • Alison Maillard, Auburn
  • Julie Meynen, Auburn
  • Abbey Webb, Auburn
  • Veronica Burchill, Georgia
  • Courtney Harnish, Georgia
  • Zoie Hartman, Georgia
  • Dakota Luther, Georgia
  • Kyndal Knight, Kentucky
  • Erika Brown, Tennessee
  • Tess Cieplucha, Tennessee
  • Stanzi Moseley, Tennessee
  • Tjasa Pintar, Tennessee
  • Nikol Popov, Tennessee
  • Meghan Small, Tennessee
  • Alexis Yager, Tennessee

All-SEC Second Team


  • Santiago Grassi, Auburn
  • Conner Pruitt, Auburn
  • Isaac Davis, Florida
  • Will Davis, Florida
  • Eric Friese, Florida
  • Brennan Gravley, Florida
  • Marco Guarente, Florida
  • Dillon Hillis, Florida
  • Dakota Mahaffey, Florida
  • Grant Sanders, Florida
  • Walker Higgins, Georgia
  • Zach Hils, Georgia
  • Harry Homans, Georgia
  • Grant Norgan, Georgia
  • Greg Reed, Georgia
  • Glen Brown, Kentucky
  • Jason Head, Kentucky
  • Chase Lane, Kentucky
  • John Mitchell, Kentucky
  • Peter Wetzlar, Kentucky
  • Manny Vazquez Bas, LSU
  • Nick Alexander, Missouri
  • Daniel Hein, Missouri
  • Micah Slaton, Missouri
  • Lewis Burras, South Carolina
  • Alec Connolly, Tennessee
  • Matthew Garcia, Tennessee
  • William Hallam, Tennessee
  • Michael Houlie, Tennessee
  • Braga Verhage, Tennessee
  • Matthew Wade, Tennessee
  • Clayton Bobo, Texas A&M
  • Kaloyan Bratanov, Texas A&M
  • Mark Theall, Texas A&M
  • Mike Thibert, Texas A&M
  • Adam Koster, Texas A&M
  • Andres Puente Bustamante, Texas A&M


  • Kalia Antoniou, Alabama
  • Flora Molnar, Alabama
  • Morgan Scott, Alabama
  • Kalia Wong, Alabama
  • Anna Hopkin, Arkansas
  • Gretchen Wensuc, Auburn
  • Emma Ball, Florida
  • Leah Braswell, Florida
  • Sherridon Dressel, Florida
  • Isabella Garofalo, Florida
  • Vanessa Pearl, Florida
  • Elizabeth Perez, Florida
  • Emma Whitner, Florida
  • Danielle DellaTorre, Georgia
  • Gabi Fa’amausili, Georgia
  • Jordan Stout, Georgia
  • Aimee Wilson, LSU
  • Bailey Bonnett, Kentucky
  • Ali Galyer, Kentucky
  • Riley Gaines, Kentucky
  • Izzy Gati, Kentucky
  • Beth McNeese, Kentucky
  • Asia Seidt, Kentucky
  • Amy Feddersen, Missouri
  • Haley Hynes, Missouri
  • Megan Keil, Missouri
  • Sarah Thompson, Missouri
  • Molly Winer, Missouri
  • Grace Cable, Tennessee
  • Bailey Grinter, Tennessee
  • Amanda Nunan, Tennessee
  • Anna Belousova, Texas A&M

SEC All-Freshman Team


  • Liam Bell, Alabama
  • Derek Maas, Alabama
  • Matthew Menke, Alabama
  • Skip Donald, Auburn
  • Eric Friese, Florida
  • Brennan Gravley, Florida
  • Kevin Vargas, Florida
  • Dillon Downing, Georgia
  • Ian Grum, Georgia
  • Harry Homans, Georgia
  • Jakob Clark, Kentucky
  • Brooks Curry, LSU
  • Manny Vazquez Bas, LSU
  • Leonardo Garcia Varela, Missouri
  • Will Goodwin, Missouri
  • Victor Povzner, Texas A&M
  • Andres Puente Bustamante, Texas A&M


  • Tanesha Lucoe, Alabama
  • AJ Kutsch, Auburn
  • Averee Preble, Auburn
  • Abbey Webb, Auburn
  • Gretchen Wensuc, Auburn
  • Kathleen Golding, Florida
  • Allison Piccirillo, Florida
  • Zoie Hartman, Georgia
  • Caitlin Brooks, Kentucky
  • Gillian Davey, Kentucky
  • Beth McNeese, Kentucky
  • Kaitlynn Wheeler, Kentucky
  • Niamh Robinson, LSU
  • Maddie Huitt, Missouri
  • Taylor Steele, South Carolina
  • Alyssa Clairmont, Texas A&M

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