Oakland Swimming Crowned Horizon League Champs

Photo Courtesy: Oakland University Athletics / Jose Juarez

By Courtney Mykkanen, Swimming World College Intern.

In the final night of the Horizon League Swimming and Diving Championships, Oakland men and women take the victory. This is Oakland’s 41st straight championship title, and 25th straight championship title for Oakland’s women.

Team Scores:


1. Oakland – 823
2. IUPUI – 667.5
3. Milwaukee – 521
4. Cleveland State – 500.5
5. Green Bay – 317
6. UIC – 303
7. Youngstown State – 263


1. Oakland – 828
2. Cleveland State – 607.5
3. Green Bay – 494
4. IUPUI – 493
5. UIC – 483.5
6. Milwaukee – 316

Women’s 1650 Free

IUPUI senior Olivia Treski finished first in a time of 16:56.99. Oakland senior Krissy Harmon touched second in a time of 17:01.46 over Cleveland State’s Lexie Kostelnik (17:03.89).

In a close finish for fourth were Oakland’s Maggie Held (17:06.35) and UIC’s Christina Neri (17:06.63). Milwaukee’s Addison Skogman (17:14.97), IUPUI’s Allison Walker (17:34.71), and Youngstown State’s Aida Jurinovics (17:35.13) finished sixth through eighth.

Men’s 1650 Free

UIC’s Hunter Crook claimed an individual title in this event touching first in a time of 15:27.52. Oakland’s Benjamin Davis (15:29.84), Green Bay’s Daniel Frederick (15:30.81), and UIC’s Luke Hutchinson (15:33.72) followed closely behind.

Rounding out the heat were Green Bay’s Xabier Carneiro Viqueria (15:50.65), IUPUI’s Dan Galante (15:52.65), IUPUI’s David Sweezer (15:54.09), and Oakland’s Micah DeJonge (16:01.98).

Women’s 200 Back

Oakland women Susan LaGrand (1:56.74) and Grace Shinske (1:58.84) take first and second-place. LaGrand’s time was a Horizon League record and met the NCAA B standard. Milwaukee’s Giulia Guerra Montes touches third (2:01.33) over Green Bay’s Helena Heuberger (2:01.95).

The rest of the field closely behind with a tight finish for fifth between Oakland’s Hannah Burgess (2:03.21) and her teammate Rachel Boodt (2:03.44). IUPUI’s Eline Van den Bossche (2:04.25) and Cleveland State’s Agnes Bahr (2:05.97) take seventh and eighth.

Men’s 200 Back

Oakland’s William Gayne touches first in a time of 1:44.63 over Cleveland State teammates Dominik Niedzialek  (1:45.60) and Timmy Kubacki (1:46.86). Right there with them was UIC’s Daniel Sivak, who touched fourth (1:46.89).

Rounding out the heat were UIC’s Michael Tegeler (1:47.11), IUPUI’s Nick Hanas (1:47.25), Green Bay’s Charlie Warren (1:47.86), and Milwaukee’s Ben Cadel (1:49.20).

Women’s 100 Free

Oakland junior Katie Colwell, also the 50 free champ earlier this meet, touches first in a time of 49.80. At this meet she was the only swimmer under 23 seconds in the 50 free and the only swimmer under 50 seconds for this event. In a close race for second, Green Bay’s Anna Liu touches in a time of 50.25, just ahead of UIC’s Lexie Joy (50.33) and IUPUI’s Meagan Ronci (50.75).

It was a tight race for fifth-place, with only .12 separating the rest of the heat. Milwaukee’s Emma Helgeson touches fifth (51.38) over IUPUI’s Andrea Hanas (51.46), and Oakland teammates Karlee Marsh (51.47) and Amber Lefler (51.50).

Men’s 100 Free

Oakland senior Paul Huch claims his third individual title this meet finishing in a time of 43.70. Green Bay’s Benjamin Redman touches second (44.17) over Milwaukee’s Jasper Appleton (44.92).

Closely following in a tight race for fourth-place were Cleveland State’s Sean Mulvin (45.12), Oakland’s Mack Flowers (45.16), and IUPUI’s Jackson Sandala (45.18). Cleveland State’s Jason Van Der Touw (45.54) and Milwaukee’s Ahmed Ghallab (45.61) finish seventh and eighth.

Women’s 200 Breast

Oakland women dominate the event by placing top 3 with Sydney McDowell touching first (2:14.74) with Taylor Bailey (2:15.69) and Erin Donagan (2:17.02) closely behind. Cleveland State’s Libby Smith finishes fourth-place in a time of 2:17.41.

Oakland’s Katlynn Emaus (2:19.18), Youngstown State’s Tiphaine Saint Gilles (2:19.87), Milwaukee’s Makaila Scheiblein (2:20.37), and IUPUI’s Aubrey Wing (2:20.52) take fifth through eighth.

Men’s 200 Breast

Oakland senior Tony Eriksson claims an individual title in a time 1:59.13, after he was runner-up in the 100 breast earlier this meet. His teammate Tarek Aboelenin comes in second (2:00.05) over Green Bay’s Connor Funke (2:00.85).

Following closely were Green Bay’s Maxwell Boehnlein (2:01.42) and Oakland’s Andrew Evans (2:01.74) in a tight race for fourth-place. IUPUI’s Will Grintjes (2:03.05), Green Bay’s Garrett Spencer (2:05.06), and Cleveland State’s Jack Krusinski (2:05.55) take sixth through eighth.

Women’s 200 Fly

Cleveland State senior Molly McNamara claims another individual title this meet, touching first in a time of 1:59.51. IUPUI’s Carmen Escalante Ruiz touches second (2:03.92) over Oakland’s Mady Cislo (2:04.15).

Milwaukee’s Bella Passamani touches fourth (2:05.60) just ahead of IUPUI’s Anna McCahill (2:05.81). IUPUI’s Maureen Lingle (2:06.01), Green Bay’s Annika Engstrom (2:07.33), and Youngstown State’s Aida Jurinovics (2:08.47) finish sixth through eighth.

Men’s 200 Fly

The top three men were all right there at the finish with UIC’s Luke Hutchinson claiming an individual title in a time of 1:47.02 over IUPUI’s Mark Auger (1:47.29) and Oakland’s Rudy Aguilar-Fernandez (1:47.63).

Milwaukee’s Ryan Menninga (1:48.37) touches fourth over Cleveland State’s Matthew Martin (1:48.76) and Green Bay’s Riley Darling (1:48.96). Oakland’s Danylo Hrebelnyi (1:49.47) and IUPUI’s Dillon Stangeland (1:50.33) finish seventh and eighth.

Women’s 3-meter Diving

UIC sophomore Cyndey Liebenberg won the 3-meter diving with a score of 339.75, also meeting the NCAA B standard. Milwaukee’s Cassidy Pilo came in second with a score of 275.25 and IUPUI’s Rylee Dahlman came in third (270.65)

The rest of the final included Oakland’s Bernie Turchi (248.25), Oakland’s Angelique Wise (244.40), IUPUI’s Carolyn Dietz (232.65), Cleveland State’s Erica Henrichsen (222.65), and Milwaukee’s Ashley Thein (221.25).

Women’s 400 Free Relay

Oakland women, Karlee Marsh, Amber Lefler, Susan LaGrand, and Katie Colwell finished first in a time of 3:22.58. IUPUI came in second (3:23.24) followed by the Milwaukee Panthers in third.

Men’s 400 Free Relay

Oakland men, Benjamin Davis, William Gayne, Tony Eriksson, and Paul Huch finished first in a time of 2:56.69, the only team under 3 minutes. Cleveland State came in second (3:00.16) followed by Green Bay in third.