World Champion No More; Mads Glaesner Draws Three-Month Doping Ban

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 16. 2012 world champion Mads Glaesner of Denmark has drawn a three-month doping suspension according to Swimming World correspondent Rokur Jakupsstovu on his blog Swimmer's Daily.

The Danish Swimming Federation announced the ban, which Jakupsstovu explains in English for his readers. The positive test came at the 2012 World Short Course Championships in Instanbul, where he tested positive for the substance Levmetamfetamine after his 400-meter freestyle, where he took bronze. Due to that positive test, he will surrender that bronze medal.

Originally, it was reported that Glaesner would not lose his gold medal from the men's 1500-meter free since he tested negative following that swim. FINA, however, announced today that Glaesner loses both of his medals with the positive test, leaving the new podiums as follows:

400m Free
Gold Medal Paul Biedermann (GER) 3:39.15
Silver Medal Yun Hao (CHN) 3:39.48
Bronze Medal Matthew Stanley (NZL) 3:41.01

1500m Free
Gold Medal Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 14:31.13
Silver Medal Pal Joensen (FAR) 14:36.93
Bronze Medal Mateusz Sawrymowicz (POL) 14:38.29

According to Jakupsstovu, Glaesner “explains that the positive test was because of him accidentally using a US version of the Vicks Vapor Inhaler, which in contrast to the Danish version contains Levmetamfetamine.”

Glaesner's ban began on March 19, and will keep him from competing in the 2013 World Long Course Championships in Barcelona after he missed the Danish Open, which served as the selection meet for Denmark.

That's the second test the Danish Swimming Federation has announced this week. Frans Johannessen tested positive for Terbutaline following the Danish Open in March. No punishment has been announced for Johannessen yet.