Viral Super Bowl Meme: Swimmer Edition


Viral Super Bowl Meme: Swimmer Edition

The Super Bowl featured many memorable moments this year including a moving Toyota ad featuring Paralympian Jessica Long. The night only became more unforgettable when R&B musical talent The Weeknd hit the stage at halftime. During one of his songs, The Weeknd is shown navigating through a maze of mirrors – looking almost panicked. The internet soon jumped onboard creating this year’s viral Super Bowl meme. Here are the best responses to the trend: Swimmer edition.

“Me trying to run away when I figure out I’m in an event over a 50.” -David C.

“Looking for the nearest bathroom 5 mins before my race.” -Hanani D.

“When you have back-to-back races and you’re trying to find the heat sheet.” -Thomas V.

“Me searching for a counter when my coach throws me in the 500.” -Ben G.

“Me looking for my mom in the parking lot after the meet.” -Daniel A.

“When the announcer says heat 5 but you were heat 4.” -Kendall L.

“When it’s long course and you don’t know which side you have to go on.” -Uzziel

“Me searching for the reason to not do one-arm fly during practice.” -Sam M.

“When you can’t find your way out of the locker room at a meet.” -Em O.

“Me looking for my mom in the parking lot after the meet.” -Daniel A.

“When you can’t find your coach on deck and you don’t know what heat you’re in.” -Aidan D.

“My swimmer looking for his towel and face mask as we’re walking out the door for practice.” -PJ

“Me trying to avoid my coach after getting DQ’d in my race.” -Staci S.

“When you are looking for your towel after an outdoor race.” -Ivy K.

“When your relay is in five minutes but you can’t find your teammates.” -Sophie S.


What would you caption this meme?!


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    Swim Mom

    Me trying to figure out what heat, event and who’s kid that is in the pool on live stream.

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    Cath D

    ANY swimmer looking for the buffet they’ve just been told about… 🤣