Video: Bruce Gemmell’s Plan to Get Katie Ledecky Ready for Worlds – Part 3

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, September 25. TODAY’S installment of Bruce Gemmell’s speech on training Katie Ledecky from the American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic includes information on her stroke technique and dryland training.

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Gemmell started working with Ledecky and other swimmers at Nation’s Capital Swim Club last October, and he talks about some of the aspects of Ledecky’s stroke that he noticed immediately, some of which were not favorable. He talks about Ledecky’s “gallop stroke” and his choice to not fix it, despite a desire to do so, and her less-than-stellar turns.

He also discusses the various rest periods he gave Ledecky for several meets through the season. This section of the talk deals with the rest periods for short course nationals last December and the high school championships in February.

Tomorrow: Preparing for, and racing in, Barcelona

If you liked this lead-in, ASCA will soon have posted on its “ASCA TV” channel the entire 60 minute presentation at a small fee. Check for more information.