The Morning Swim Show: Michael Lohberg Discusses Aplastic Anemia Treatment; Dann Furia Talks About Tribute Video to Brendan Hansen; Yoji Suzuki Discusses High-Altitude Training

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 29. ONE of the most diverse editions of The Morning Swim Show features an interview with Coach Michael Lohberg, Japanese coach Yoji Suzuki and a rap artist with a connection to Brendan Hansen.

Lohberg talks to host Peter Busch about the latest on his fight over aplastic anemia, which was diagnosed just recently when Lohberg went to the doctor to help treat a herniated disc. Lohberg talks about the treatment in Bethesda, Md., and how he hopes his athletes are able to continue their preparation for the Olympics without him.

In Reaction Time, Busch talks to Dann Furia, aka Skip-Dawg, the rap artist who co-wrote the song "We Will Rise" and used the music video for the song as a tribute to his childhood friend Brendan Hansen, who is on the US Olympic swim team. Furia talks about the song and what it was like to grow up with Hansen.

In the Tips and Technique segment, Yoji Suzuki talks about the Japanese Olympic team's training in Flagstaff and how they hope to do in Beijing after their most recent trip to Flagstaff.