SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk Educates About The FINIS Agility Hand Paddles

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 6. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you the fourth episode of SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

This week Tiffany Elias brings on Mark Stephens, the Vice President of Product Development at Finis. Finis is a company known for top quality training equipment such as snorkels and monofins. In July of 2013, the Finis Agility Paddle won the prestigious “red dot” award. An international jury recognized the Agility Paddle for its high quality and design. Stephens shares the reasoning behind developing this strapless paddle and how it can help improve technique.

FINIS Agility Paddles–SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk

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SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk is a weekly show hosted by Elias. Each week, Elias will bring a new guest onto the show to discuss important technical features about various training and competition products. The show is designed to inform coaches, athletes and parents as only Swimming World can do!