SwimmingWorld.TV Launches New Educational Series; Learn About Goggles

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 18. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV launched its first episode of SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics. Give us your opinion about this video

SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk is a weekly show hosted by Tiffany Elias. Each week, Elias will bring a new guest onto the show to discuss important technical features about various training and competition products. Fifty-two episodes of this informative show are scheduled to air over the next two years. The show is designed to inform coaches, athletes and parents as only Swimming World can do!.

In this first episode, Elias is joined by two-time Olympian Mark Gangloff to discuss how to find the right pair of goggles. Gangloff shares his personal preference for a small, low profile goggle that is secure to his head for competition. He explains how the low profile goggles are best for athletes who are trying to shave off small amounts of time. Gangloff also discusses the pros and cons of training and racing in the same goggle.

To learn more about Gangloff’s advice, watch our first episode called.
SwimOutlet.com Tech Talk: Goggles

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