Swimming World TV is Now Showing

PHOENIX, Ariz., January 11. TODAY a new media era starts for swimming with the official launch of SwimmingWorld.TV.

Sports Publications International, publisher of Swimming World Magazine and SwimmingWorldMagazine.com announced the debut of SwimmingWorld.TV as its newest medium for promoting and showcasing aquatic sports.

“The concept became a reality after months of planning,” said Brent Rutemiller – CEO for Sports Publications International. “We built a studio in 2004 and we purchased the lights, cameras, computer equipment, and software from a studio in Tampa, Florida, early in 2005. The following months we researched programming issues such as frequency, delivery methods and revenue models.

“It became clear that the technology was there, but there were no leaders in the industry for us to model. At that point, we made the decision to create our own standards using a newsroom format where we have a series of segments that could be downloaded separately to a computer. Collectively, the segments will add up to one 30 minute show,” Rutemiller concluded.

With the hiring of Peter Busch, a CBS news reporter based in Phoenix and son of University of Arizona Head Swimming Coach Frank Busch, all the pieces fell into place.

“Peter Busch brings the professional touch and expertise that was needed along with the passion for swimming that comes with chlorine in his bloodline,” remarked Phil Whitten, Chief Media Officer for Sports Publications International.

Sustaining content that is current and timely will be a top priority. Sports Publications International feels that this can be achieved through its worldwide network of sources and reporters accumlated over four decades from serving the swimming community along with the proliferation of digital cameras.

"Our revenue model could not be subscription-based like our monthly print magazine (Swimming World Magazine) since we did not want to be obligated to deliver on a specific schedule. We settled on a pay-per-view revenue model similar to video on demand simply because it is the most efficient and effective way to deliver content to our Swimming World TV viewers," commented Dick Deal, long time Publisher of Swimming World Magazine.

Based on the support for this new medium, the price structure may change. But for now, viewers will be charged only $4.95 for a two week TV membership allowing for unlimited viewing to what is “Now Showing” on SwimmingWorld.TV. New programs will be uploaded at regular intervals each month.

To view a video clip of SwimmingWorld.TV, click on the TV icon at the end of this story and see if your computer can support this exciting medium.

The first episode of SwimmingWorld.TV contains the following segments:

Freestyle 101: World-renowned sprint coach Rick DeMont gives tips on making your freestyle more efficient.

Top 5 Men's Recuiting Classes: Swimming World TV's experts breakdown the best recruiting classes in NCAA Men's Swimming.

Top 5 Women's Recruiting Classes: Swimming World TV's experts rank the best recruiting classes recently signed in NCAA Women's Swimming.

Show me the money: How South African sprinting sensation Roland Schoeman nearly switched teams.

Brophy High School: It is hard to be humble when you are the 2004-2005 National Boy’s High School Swimming Champions.

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Rick Demont Segment

In the Swimming World TV Studio

Rolland Schoeman Segment

NCAA Segment