Set Of The Week: Bungee Sprints

Photo Courtesy: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Swimming World’s Set Of The Week! This week’s set is bungee sprints, a short sprint set designed to work on power, tempo, and most off of “feeling” fast. Check out the set and the accompanying description below:

2 Rounds Each Swimmer (4 total):

2 x 25 w/ a bungee on :45

#1: from a dive, swim against resistance for 4 cycles then sprint to the finish

#2: from a push, swim against resistance for 4 cycles then sprint to the finish

1 x 25 from the blocks on :45

→ all out sprint from a dive!

1 x 125 loosen on 2:30, switch partners

The set revolves around the two bungee sprints at the beginning of each round. Your swimmers will need to partner up with one of their teammates and grab a bungee cord. One swimmer will wear the cord and the other will hold it on deck. For each 25 (the first from a dive, second from a push), the swimmer in the water will swim against the resistance of the cord for four full stroke cycles. Once they have completed four stroke cycles, their partner on deck will release the cord and allow them to finish the sprint free of resistance. It is important to make sure there is enough slack on the first 25 to let them dive safely and generate speed through the breakout. Depending on the swimmer and the deck space available, it may be necessary to quickly back up from the swimmer as they begin their breakout to add tension on the cord.

Following those two 25’s, the in-water swimmer will then complete a 25 all out from the blocks. The focus of this 25 is to be as technically perfect as possible while feeling very fast. Swimming against resistance (although briefly) on the previous two 25’s will give your swimmers a much better awareness of their breakouts and the power in their strokes, particularly having the experience of “sprinting out” of said resistance. This is a great set to incorporate at the end of your season when working on fine-tuning of each swimmer’s stroke. Doing this set a few times as you head into championships can help your sprinters move toward that more perfect start and breakout. Happy swimming!

All swimming and dryland training and instruction should be performed under the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor, and in circumstances that ensure the safety of participants.


  1. Deni Schiren

    Before reading this I thought it would be a fun game if you took a bungee cord and wrapped it around a swimmers ankle and the other end to another swimmers ankle. Then have them start in the middle of pool each swimming in an oppisite ditection and see who could reach their side first!