Santa Clara Wins U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, April 28. SANTA Clara won its 16th overall U.S. National Synchronized Swimming title today at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis, Ind., despite a Stanford sweep of all three finals events. Santa Clara amassed 48 points, while Stanford took second with 35 points and Ohio State finished third with 23 points.

The event ran April 26-28 and featured elite athletes vying for national titles in the solo, duet and team events in the nation's most prestigious synchronized swimming competition. The 2007 U.S. National Championships marked the 62nd year of national competition in the duet and team events and the 58th year of solo competition.

Sara Lowe, a 2004 Olympian claimed the top spot in the solo and teamed up with Courtenay Stewart, also a 2004 Olympian (Canada) for a first place in the duet.

1. Sara Lowe, Stanford, 95.418; 2. Kenyon Smith, Santa Clara, 94.084; 3. Barbara Nesbitt, Ohio State, 91.834

1. Sara Lowe/Courtenay Stewart, Stanford, 95.584; 2. Bianca Van Der Velden/Sonja Van Der Velden, Santa Clara, 93.918; 3. Heidi McMahon/Carolyn Watts, Santa Clara, 89.751

1. Stanford University, 95.668; 2. Ohio State University, 94.501; 3. Santa Clara, 93.334

Special thanks to USA Synchro for contributing this report.