SWIM Magazine May 1996


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by Robert Ross


U.S. Olympic Swim Trials

By Phillip Whitten. Despite relatively slow times swum at the Indy Natatorium, for sheer drama and excitement, there is nothing quite like the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials.


The Water Jumper

By Brady Bingham. It’s not just a shoe commercial. World record long jumper, Mike Powell actually believes that water workouts helped him leap to the top of his field.


Swimming Against the Tide”

By Pam Rogers. Fasten your goggle straps and join a multitude
of swimmers stroking for the cure for one of the most pervasive of female diseases: breast cancer.


The Olympic Experience

By Scott Rabalais. A two-part series highlighting a few of the Olympic swimming heroes now participating in Masters. This issue: Female stars reminisce about their Olympic experience.