SWIM Magazine June 1985


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By William Beausay, II Ph.D


Rowdy Gaines Olympic Gold Medalist


United States Masters Swimming

By Dorothy Donnelly


The “Shock” Of Masters Swimming

By Burwell Jones, M.D


Swimming Etiquette

By Frances Colella


Muscle Strength & Power

By John P. Troup, Ph.D. Considerations For Swimming Performance


Swimming Hall Of Fame

By Tom & Joanne O’Toole


Financial Fitness

By Keith V. Abramson, J.D


Prenatal Water Exercise

By Gretchen Schreiber


Twenty Years Of Swimming Memories

By Jim Densmore


U.S. Swimming Splashes


Postal One Hour Swim Results


Selecting A Training Venue

By Terry Laughlin


Butterfly Mini – Clinic

By Marianne Brems


Triathlons and Long Distance Swimming


Meets Across The USA


Swim Hawaii

By George White


Poolside Personalities

By Eva Shaw. Lynne Cox


SOC It To Her

By Mildred W. Anderson


The W.E.T. Workout

By Jane Katz, Ed.D


Book Review

By Bob Hansen


Swimming Through The Breaks

By Jane Katz, Ed.D


How To Avoid Working Out

By Keith Harries


Poolside Reflections

By Beverly B. Nichols