SWIM Magazine April 1985


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United States Masters Swimming

By Dot Donnelly


The Confident Character

By William Beausay, II Ph.D


Swimmers’ Knees

By Dr. Ted Becker. How to properly stretch your muscles in order to prevent swimmers’ knees


Physical Fitness

By Gail Dummer Ph.D., Paul Vaccaro Ph.D., David H. Clarke Ph.D. In The Eighth Decade of Life: Rita Shephard & Elsa Manila


Financial Fitness

By Keith V. Abramson, Esq. April 15th is around the corner, are you financially fit?


The Pecking Order

By Dr. Stuart H. Walker. An excerpt from “WINNING: The Psychology of Competition”


Employing Race Strategy

By Terry Laughlin. For Maximal Performance


Poolside Personalities

By Bob Hansen. Bill & Enid Uhrich


1984 Unofficial Top Ten

By Walt Reid. Short Course 25 Meters


Meets Across The USA


Chuck Hunter Memorial Trophy

By Terry Andersen


Breaststroke Mini -Clinic

By Marianne Brems


My Wife Is A Brute

By Robert Johnson


San Mateo Marlins: Ray & Zada Taft

By Mark Simon


U.S. Swimming Splashes

Bits of News and Information


Synchronized Swimming

By Jane Katz, Ed.D