SWIM Magazine May 2004


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The Ice Swimmer

By Maureen Upton. The human body cannot typically survive for more than 30 minutes in the 37-44 degree waters near Antarctica. Yet, 57-year-old Pedro Ordenes, in an effort to celebrate international peace and raise cancer awareness, successfully mastered these waters, swim- ming nearly 90 minutes roundtrip across the Beagle Channel— without the benefit of a wetsuit or swim aids.


2003 Masters Swimmers of the Year

By Michael J. Stott. Swim Magazine’s Class of 2003 includes 13 Masters Swimmers of the Year, all who dominated their respective age groups and who are grateful for the opportunities Masters swimming affords and the friendships kept.


A Finny Thing Happened on the Way to Practice

By Nan Kappeler. Fins can definitely help a swimmer swim faster, but determining whether or not Masters swimmers should train with these instant-speed devices has created a few waves between fin-wearers and non-wearers.


Experience Savannah!

Savannah Masters welcomes you to the 2004 USMS Long Course National Championships, where swimming, sightseeing and social activity come together in mid-August to offer you an experience you’ll never forget.