Private Pools Contending With Disabilities Act Requirements

ATLANTA, Georgia, September 8. AS evidenced by some reporting in Atlanta, some private pools are concerned with a new implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, many private pools that hold public swim meets from time to time are reconsidering the practice.

According to the article, "an updated ADA regulation went into effect last spring to ensure that public pools were accessible to the handicapped. Pools have been given until March" to comply. What this means is that private pools must comply with ADA regulations for accessibility when the pool becomes in essence, public, during a swim meet.

The article reports that private pools are facing a decision on whether to continue swim teams, raise dues, or stop hosting the meets in order to offset the costs of lift rentals or installations that could cost between $1,800 and $6,000.

"I think lifts are important for true public facilities, where the general public can come in, but I think when Congress made the law it did not anticipate how it was going to affect HOAs," said Craig Sears of Sears Pool Management Consultants in Sandy Springs told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Some of our customers have talked about whether to continue their swim teams."

Full text of AJC article.