Paolo Barelli Publishes “Newsletter No. 2 – Athletes & Coaches Within the FINA Governance


Paolo Barelli, LEN President and one of the FINA presidential candidates, released his electoral Manifesto last week and is following up the Manifesto with newsletters focusing on different areas within his Manifesto.

The second newsletter, titled “Newsletter No. 2 – Athletes and Coaches within the FINA Governance,” focuses on the athletes and coaches that fall under the umbrella of FINA’s jurisdiction. He outlines his wish for athletes and coaches to be present on the FINA Bureau, as well as the importance of financially supporting both athletes and coaches.

Read Barelli’s “Newsletter No. 2 – Athletes and Coaches within the FINA Governance” in full below:

My Manifesto published on 27 June in support of my candidature to the FINA Presidency stated: ‘We must recognise that, were it not for the top Athletes, the outstanding success achieved would not have been possible. Success is accomplished by attracting viewers to the media and through spectators at FINA events being assured of watching great Athletes giving great performances’.

In my Newsletter No 1 I mentioned that “to further promote and guarantee the level aquatic disciplines have reached, we must continue to reinforce the necessary support to the Federations, the athletes and the coaches”, which are the three key pillars of our aquatic disciplines.

In my opinion, it is now time to speed up the modernisation process within the ambit of our aquatic disciplines. This must also provide for further and deeper responsible inclusion of two categories which represent the success achieved by our sports: the Athletes and the Coaches.  

I participated at two Olympic Games and I was a medallist at the World Championships. I therefore value very strongly the importance that both Athletes and Coaches have within our aquatic family.

I also feel that the Athletes and Coaches should take a more official role in order to positively contribute to the decision making process: this precious effort must certainly be recognised as “added value” and cannot therefore be side-lined when decisions need to be taken.

The very substantial financial support provided for within my Manifesto in favour of the Federations will certainly create the basis for a stronger and more solid collaboration with the Athletes and Coaches.

With these thoughts in mind I want to take appropriate decisions on matters related to them.

  1. Athletes and Coaches on the FINA Bureau

In my programme, within thirty days of my election, I will introduce a rule which will cater for two athletes, one female and one male, together with one coach to sit on the FINA Bureau, and having full rights.  

I am firmly convinced that the election of members representing thousands of athletes and coaches should be held following a clear electoral process based on maximum participation and within a set up based on democracy and transparency.

It is my intention to establish that the representatives of both Athletes and Coaches be elected as Bureau Members following similar electoral procedures adopted by the International Olympic Committee when appointing the Athletes’ Commission. The mandate should follow the quadrennial Olympic cycle as is the case for the other Bureau Members.

  1. Prize Money allocation shall not be limited to Athletes but will include Coaches

My electoral Manifesto provides for a significant financial contribution by FINA towards the activities of National Federations for International Activities and Development programmes. In this respect I stated: ‘My vision is that FINA must give all the support possible to the Federations, including economic support, in order for them to contribute further to the growth of the aquatic disciplines worldwide’.

I am ever more convinced that the financial support offered by FINA in the form of Prize Money for Athletes at the World Championships should not only be maintained but rather increased.

Moreover, I am of the opinion that the payment of Prize Money should also be extended to Coaches. The share of the Prize Money for the Coaches will be commensurate to that for the Athletes and would be payable following pre-established criteria.

This firm wish will ensure an increased Prize Money fund is established.    

As already highlighted in my Manifesto I want to give Coaches the opportunity to be part of the Panel of Experts which I intend to appoint. This will be done in full cooperation with the FINA Bureau and the Technical Committee responsible for each discipline.

Finally, I feel that FINA must give an opportunity to all its protagonists to have their say and to give the strongest contribution possible in this regard.

Dear Athletes, dear Coaches, I want to see a new FINA which we will continue to build together and which will grow and develop into a better and stronger World of Aquatics.

Paolo Barelli
Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN)
Italian Swimming Federation (FIN)
Candidate for the FINA Presidency