Paolo Barelli Releases Manifesto in Campaign for FINA President

Photo Courtesy: LEN

Paolo Barelli, the President of the European Swimming Federation (LEN), has released a document containing the manifesto he is campaigning off of in his bid to become the new President of FINA.

Barelli is challenging two-term incumbent Julio Maglione, and he has voiced strong criticism to FINA’s established leadership in recent months.

The manifesto begins with a letter from Barelli, which can be read below in full, while the manifesto can be downloaded here:

Dear Friends,

Please find herewith attached my Manifesto for the upcoming presidential election at FINA.

It consists of the seven drivers listed below and which you can read about in more detail by seeing the attached document.

  • FINA is not a financial institution with the objective of setting money aside. I want FINA to give all the support possible, including economic support, to the Federations
  • I will ensure the FINA Development Programme is given a more defined role which will be tailored to positively impact on all Federations
  • I want Athletes, Teams, Federations and Organizers to feel that events are organised with their collective interest at heart
  • I will ensure that FINA remains focused on the promotion of aquatic sports worldwide
  • I will make it a priority to introduce drastic measures to ensure that any type of conflict of interest within FINA is avoided
  • I will make FINA take a more aggressive and innovative stand in its fight against doping
  • I feel FINA must capitalize on both the experience and the expertise of the person at the helm of it.

I trust that my Manifesto will gather a large consensus and the National Federation’s support. These will both be necessary to foster together the change that FINA needs for its ever-growing affirmation and an ever-brighter future for our sports.

While feel free to share the document with your audience, and I hope that in the years ahead we will build the future of FINA together.

Yours in sport,

Paolo Barelli
President Ligue Européene de Natation
President of Italian Swimming Federation
Candidate for the FINA Presidency