Olympics ‘Playbook’ Released by IOC, Local Organizers: Olympians to be Tested Daily


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The Tokyo Olympics are still on, set to begin in less than three months, and a rule book has been released to show how the games can take place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 60-page, second version of the “Playbooks” for athletes was released by the International Olympic Committee and the the local Olympics organizers.

According to the AP, Versions for other non-athlete groups such as coaches and trainers are to be released at a later date. And a third version will come out in June

Here are the new testing guidelines rleased:

— All participants must pass two COVID-19 tests before leaving their home country and be tested upon arrival in Japan.

— Athletes will be tested daily, as will those in close proximity to athletes.

— Other participants will be tested daily for the first three days, and then as required.

— All games participants must use dedicated vehicles and avoid public transportation for the first 14 days.

— Games participants must eat only in specified locations, including catering facilities at games venues. Athletes will be dining in the Athletes Village, which will be an isolated “bubble.”

— Game participants will avoid a 14-day quarantine rule for entering Japan, but to do so they must fill out a schedule listing their plans for that period, and also download a tracking app.

— A decision about capacity at the venues will be made in June. Fans from abroad were banned several months ago.

— Athletes will also have to sign a promise they will follow the rules in Playbook. This will apply to athletes and participants with vaccines as well as those without vaccines.

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“There will be a written pledge and if that is not complied with, there will be a certain level of penalty,” Toshiro Muto, the CEO of the organizing committee, told the AP. “We expect that these people will comply with the rules because Playbooks are the rules.”

“We will strictly enforce these rules and will take care of the full compliance by all participants,” IOC President Thomas Bach told the AP. “If the situation should require it, we are also ready to take even stricter measures.”

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