NCAA Approves Rules Changes For 2011-12 Season

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, July 20. THE NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel recently approved several new rules that will be in effect for the 2011-12 season for collegiate swimming and diving.

The NCAA implemented the "no-recall false start" which means that unless a false start "is blatant," the race will continue without swimmers being recalled for a clean start. The disqualification for the false start would be enforced upon completion of the race. False starts will still require dual confirmation from the starter and a referee.

Meanwhile, the NCAA approved the implementation of a disqualification for the use of an illegal swimsuit in competition. A swimmer that is found to be in violation with an illegal suit will be disqualified from the event. The swimmer, however, will be allowed to compete in another event in a meet as long as they are then wearing a suit in compliance with NCAA rules.

The track-style starting block has now been approved for use in collegiate competition. The blocks are not required for competition, but will be allowed to be used if a facility has them.

Finally, "Swimmers may wear tape during competition if the referee determines it does not give the participant a competitive advantage. Before the start of the competition, the referee must receive a letter from a certified athletic trainer or doctor stating that the tape is being worn for a documented medical purpose."