Nathan Adrian Discusses Cancer Diagnosis on Today Show

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Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about his testicular cancer diagnosis. Adrian stated he was “feeling great” a month after originally being diagnosed with cancer January 25.

Adrian talked about how he originally felt swelling in his groin area and thought it was nothing at first but decided to get it looked at after a few days of it being prevalent. Adrian said he learned from his mom, who is a nurse, and his sister, who is a physician’s assistant, that if something is wrong then he needs to check it out.

Adrian has wanted to bring more awareness to men’s health because a lot of Americans will have to go through a similar talk with their doctors. He even noted that he had gotten a lot of feedback from people in his own social circle saying “me too” after he opened up about his own diagnosis.

Adrian also stated he hopes to make it to the 2020 Olympics for Team USA, but he will still be under a surveillance plan to make sure the cancer does not return. According to two-time Olympian Eric Shanteau, the surveillance plan is about ten years.

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    Bonnie B

    Nathan, you are such an inspiration. Wish only the best for you. Coach Bonnie

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    Nathan, you are a national treasure.

  3. Alicia Doiron Nagle

    Wishing him nothing but the best for a full recovery. ❤️