Morning Swim Show: Michael Hixon Finding the Right Fit Among Stellar Divers at Indiana

Michael Hixon

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 30. MICHAEL Hixon joins today’s edition of The Morning Swim Show shortly after making the move from Texas to Indiana to continue his diving career.

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Hixon, a two-time NCAA champion last March and the NCAA Diver of the year, talked about the reasons why he transferred from the University of Texas to Indiana University. Despite performing well at the NCAA championships, Hixon said being a diver at Texas wasn’t the right fit for him. He said he feels like Indiana will be the place for him to thrive as a diver, and he’ll have plenty of strong training partners in Bloomington with Nick McCrory and Darian Schmidt there as well. He talks about a new training apparatus that is helping him learn new dives in an exciting way and the dive that everyone needs to learn to be competitive at the 2016 Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. Be sure to visit SwimmingWorld.TV for more video interviews.

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