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Tough Selection Standards Boost Team Canada

By Matt Grillo, Swimming World College Intern When the members of Team Canada wrapped up 2013 World Championships, they knew there was a long Olympic quadrennial ahead of them. What they didn't know was that there were going to be major changes in the Swimming Canada system. A young squad took to Ba...

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5 Major Takeaways On the State of Canadian Swimming

By Matt Grillo, Swimming World College Intern It was a busy summer for Canada's national team as they played host to the 2015 Pan American Games. Less than a month later, Canada was competing at the World Championships. Fast swimming and gold medals were expected at the Pan Am Games and Canada deliv...

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Pierre Lafontaine Returns To The Pool Deck

By Matt Grillo, Swimming World College Intern Pierre Lafontaine is looking for another challenge in his nearly 40-year coaching career. As the newly appointed head coach of the Club de Natation Gatineau [CNG], Lafontaine took over April 1, 2015, leaving his position that he held for two years as the...

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How College Swimming Changed My Life: Cornell Coach Wes Newman

By Matt Grillo, Swimming World College Intern Wes Newman was sitting inside his cubical working a business internship in Philadelphia during the summer of 2008. Newman's mind was elsewhere. He wasn't thinking about the prospects of what this internship would bring him, he was researching swimming re...

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Shane Ryan Makes Life-Changing Decision, Uproots To Ireland

By Matthew Grillo, Swimming World College Intern When Shane Ryan stepped on to the University Park campus at Penn State in August 2012, his mindset was like that of any other varsity athlete: Compete for a university for four years and graduate with a degree, ready to enter the real world. Yet, for ...