Michael Phelps Record Beaten By 10-Year-Old Clark Kent


Michael Phelps has been defeated by Clark Kent.

No, not Superman, though the 10-year-old Clark Kent Apuada is getting some comparisons after breaking a 23-year-old meet record set by Phelps.

Clark swims for the Monterey County Aquatic Team, which competed at the Far West International Championship in California during the weekend. Clark won the 100-meter butterfly in 1:09:38, more than a second faster than what Phelps set at the championship in 1995.

Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete in U.S. history, went on to win 28 Olympic medals.

Clark, meanwhile, has only been swimming competitively for four years, CNN reported.

“This kid is unlike any other young man that I’ve ever coached,” Clark’s coach Dia Riana told CNN. “He’s always stood out, he’s just, he’s kind of a savant of sorts.”

At age 10, Clark balances a lot of activities.

“I love swimming because I have a lot of people supporting me and my coaches are always there for me and my parents are always there,” Clark told CNN.

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  1. Dirk G. Winkler

    Was besten before in short course… nobody cared then…

  2. Mike Davidson

    It took Superman Clarke Kent to break his NAG Record pretty amazing.

    • avatar
      Amy Priddle

      While it was still blazing fast. It was a meet record. Not the NAG record.

  3. Linda Marino

    Wishing him much success in all he does in life!

  4. Pat Laughlin

    Well, the name seems appropriate.

  5. Jan Pease Prossin

    Records are made to broken! Shannon Dadey Olsowski – I remember when you told me this! Has stayed with me always.

  6. Brian Williamson

    Well done. but give him time to grow up .let him enjoy his growing up experience. and see what happens in the future. Coach Brian 🏊🏊

  7. Colin Marks

    Great job breaking Michael Phelps Record

  8. David Blum

    Literally took Superman to beat one of his records! 🤣🤣. Great swim kid.

  9. Andy Dugan

    I hope he’s having fun!!

  10. Giselle Steiner

    Shannon Miller hey we heard about this there!!!

  11. Elise Pham

    Ariel Pham and we were at that swim meet with him

  12. Katy Bateman Brown

    Duh! It’s Superman 😂 seriously though, amazing! What a swim!

  13. avatar
    Coach Dia Rianda

    Thank you swimming world for your positive story on this incredible young man from Salinas. It is an honor and privilege to coach him and don’t worry folks swimming focuses on having fun, proper technique and low yardage .

    Because if we’re not having fun, we are not having fun !

    Clark is an articulate bright and amazing young man We thank you for writing about him and hoping to inspire others

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