Michael Phelps Finally Breaks Elusive NBAC’s 200 Breast Club Record – Video Interview

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

A day after clocking the fastest time in the world this year in a trio of events at the 2015 USA Swimming Long Course Summer Nationals, Michael Phelps finally picked off a record that has long eluded him.  Scott Spann‘s North Baltimore Aquatic Club team record in the men’s 200-meter breast.

Phelps finished fifth tonight in the men’s 200-meter breaststroke with a personal best time of 2:11.30.  That was better than Spann’s previous team record of 2:12.1 that provided some extra motivation for Phelps as plenty of trash talking happened between the two today.


Original 200 breast report:

Craig Benson won tonight’s 200-meter breast with a stellar 2:09.68 at USA Nationals. The Scottish swimmer added 0.58 from his 2:09.10, which stands 11th in the world, but had enough juice to top Will Licon. Licon silvered with a 2:10.02, and was followed closely by Andrew Wilson. Wilson’s fall to third comes as a bit of a surprise after his sub-minute victory in the 100-meter breast and his 2:09.84 swim this morning. The three remained close throughout the race, as the splits indicate.

Benson: 30.50/32.80/34.05/32.33

Licon: 29.44/33.32/32.85/34.31

Wilson: 29.46/32.97/34.18/33.74

Benson’s country-mate Michael Jamieson finished just outside the top three in 2:10.91.

Michael Phelps jumped one spot and dropped over a second to take fifth in 2:11.30. BJ Johnson finished sixth in 2:11.90, ahead of Samuel Tierney (2:13.27) and Chuck Katis (2:13.33).


  1. Niles Keeran

    No way…his weakest stroke!

  2. Duncan Gordon

    Amanda Wodke Stanbery watch his video interview!

  3. Tanya Irving Mccormick

    And they say breaststrokers are born not made; Phelps breaking stereotypes too. Way to go Michael!

  4. avatar

    Three world leading times as of now–Swimmer of the Year?

    Seems so.

    • avatar
      Pau Hana

      not without competing in the world championships. Peaty is probably the favorite at this point.

  5. Rony Daher

    Hernan Campos Zapata Andres Cossio

  6. Robeson White

    Phelps open a can of whoop a@$ this weekend. Is he mad about something?

  7. avatar
    Bill V.

    Did anyone other than me notice Phelps’ time was identical to Reece Whitley’s?

  8. Ricardo Castro

    I was there this weekend, it was hot but worthy. .he is Superman

  9. Chris J Ferguson

    Incredible last length by Craig Benson!