Meet of the Week: Penn State Sweeps West Chester

By Jason Marsteller

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania, December 2. IN the second-to-last Meet of the Week of the fall semester, Penn State swam to a pair of victories over West Chester of Pennsylvania. In the men's meet, the Nittany Lions captured a 147-91 triumph, while the women cruised to a 152-83 victory.

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Women's 200 Medley Relay
Penn State jumped out to an early 15-2 lead with a top-two sweep in the 200 medley relay. The PSU A team of Genie Cheng, Lyndsey Smith, Kaitlin O'Brien and Nikki Collins won in 1:48.69, while the B squad of Jessica Barnes, Caitlin Meehan, Daphne Skelos and Karie Haglund placed second in 1:48.74.

The top team for West Chester proved to be Leanne Rowland, Sarah Miller, Kori Kilfeather and Erin West, who placed fourth in 1:53.27.

Men's 200 Medley Relay
PSU picked up a 15-2 lead with a 1-2 effort. Penn State's quartet of Patrick Schirk, Kyle Miranda, Tim Williams and Dan Kaiserian finished first in 1:33.19, while teammates Daniel Fimbianti, Brian Spittler, Basil Kaaki and Sean Swanepoel placed second in 1:35.15.

West Chester's quartet of Devin Canfield, Marek Malopolski, Joerg Zimmermann and Bill Marcum took third in 1:35.88.

Women's 1000 Freestyle
The Nittany Lions took a 27-9 advantage in the distance free when freshman Kailey Morris touched first in 10:03.37. West Chester sophomore Katie Brosseau placed second in DII B-cut time of 10:28.08, while PSU freshman Erin Luley finished third in 10:46.79.

Men's 1000 Freestyle
Penn State went 1-2-3 in the distance free for a 31-5 advantage. Freshman Colin Quirk (9:36.46), sophomore Ryan DeWeese (9:41.88) and freshman Max Ettore (9:49.08) swept the top three spots, while West Chester senior Mark Iwans placed fourth in 9:54.40.

Women's 200 Freestyle
PSU went 1-2 in the 200 free when senior Claire Hawley won in 1:53.93 and freshman Michelle Myers took second in 1:54.02. West Chester freshman Danielle Ierley placed third in 1:59.03. Penn State held a 42-13 after the event.

Men's 200 Freestyle
West Chester shaved the margin to 40-15 in the 200 free when junior Bartosz Ostrowski won in a DII B-cut time of 1:43.09. Penn State freshman Ben Ryan (1:44.08) and sophomore Chris Sullivan (1:45.50) closed out the rest of the top three.

Women's 50 Freestyle
West Chester cut the gap to 49-25 in the sprint free when freshman Jackie Borowski won in a DII B-cut time of 24.17. PSU freshman Lindsey DeForrest placed second in 24.86, while West Chester junior Kate Jones took third in 25.01.

Men's 50 Freestyle
PSU shot back to extend its lead to 51-23 in the 50 free. Freshman Basil Kaaki hit the wall first in 21.22, while West Chester freshman Brendan Fanslau (21.67) and Bill Marcum (21.76) took second and third, respectively.

Women's 200 IM
Penn State countered in the 200 IM with a 1-2-3 finish to push its advantage to 65-28. Freshman Daphne Skelos won in 2:06.76, while juniors Clare Clemens (2:11.00) and Molly Crispell (2:11.65) rounded out the top three. Sophomore Leanne Rowland earned West Chester's top finish with a fourth-place 2:12.69.

Men's 200 IM
The Nittany Lions snared a 65-28 lead with a 1-3 effort in the 200 IM. Freshman Brian Spittler won in 1:55.15, while sophomore David Kraft placed third in 1:58.24. West Chester junior Marek Malopolski turned in a second-place DII B-cut time of 1:56.62.

Women's One-Meter Diving
Penn State grabbed an 80-32 lead with a 1-2 sweep in the first diving break. Senior Kim Peifer won with a zone-qualifying 277.43 points total while sophomore Courtney Adlam finished second with 252.38 points. West Chester junior Heather Varas took third with 242.30 points.

Men's One-Meter Diving
PSU's top-two sweep gave it a 79-33 lead after one-meter diving. Senior Mike Alderman claimed first with a zone-qualifying score of 346.57 points, while Josh Myers placed second with 293.68 points. West Chester junior Zack Saeger rounded out the top three with 267.45 points.

Women's 100 Butterfly
The Nittany Lions took a 94-37 lead with a 1-3 in the 100 fly. Sophomore Abby Hoisington touched first in 59.08, while junior Kristin Smith placed third in 1:00.22.
West Chester senior Kori Kilfeather split the difference with a second-place 59.23.

Men's 100 Butterfly
Penn State pushed its lead to 92-39 in the 100 fly with a 1-3 finish. Sophomore Tim Williams claimed the title in 51.05, while junior Rob Felty placed third in 52.82. West Chester senior finished second in a DII B-cut time of 51.16.

Women's 100 Freestyle
PSU broke the century mark to lead 106-44 after the 100 free. Senior Jessica Barnes hit the wall first in 52.88, while West Chester freshman Jackie Borowski placed second with a DII B-cut time of 53.22. PSU senior Nikki Collins rounded out the top three in 53.76.

Men's 100 Freestyle
The Nittany Lions broke into the 100s to take a 105-45 lead after the 100 free. Junior Sean Swanepoel won in 46.33, while sophomore Spencer Maglich finished third in 47.14. West Chester junior Bartosz Ostrowski took second in a DII B-cut time of 46.62.

Women's 100 Backstroke
Penn State pushed its lead to 121-48 in the 100 back with a 1-2 finish. Sophomore Kaitlin O'Brien placed first in 59.93, while senior Megan Palera took second in 59.97. West Chester senior Leanne Rowland rounded out the top three in 1:01.29.

Men's 100 Backstroke
PSU kept rolling to take a 120-49 advantage with a top-two sweep. Freshman Daniel Fimbianti took first in 52.35, while sophomore Vincent Reydams placed second in 53.73. West Chester junior Jeremy Butler closed out the top three in 54.02.

Women's 500 Freestyle
The Nittany Lions dropped their second 1-2-3 finish of the meet to take a 137-51 lead. Sophomore Kelly Nelson clocked a DI B-cut time of 4:52.86 to win, while classmate Karie Haglund finished second in 4:56.13. Freshman Lyndsey Smith took third in 5:09.36, while West Chester sophomore Katie Brosseau clocked a DII B-cut time of 5:12.41 for fourth place.

Men's 500 Freestyle
Penn State stretched its lead to 133-55 in the middle distance event. Sophomore Sean Biedermann touched first in 4:41.05, while freshman Colin Quirk placed second in 4:46.14. West Chester junior Chris Salamone finished third in 4:51.33.

Women's Three-Meter Diving
In the second diving break, PSU scored a 152-55 lead with a 1-2 effort. Sophomore Courtney Adlam won with 306.52 points, clearing the zone standard, while senior Kim Peifer took second with 278.10 points. West Chester junior Heather Varas took third with 234.65 points.

Men's Three-Meter Diving
In the last team scoring for PSU, senior Mike Aldermann dominated the three-meter with a zone-qualifying score of 347.40 for first. West Chester junior Zack Saeger placed second with 271.65 points, while Penn State's Josh Myers took third with 258.60 points.

Women's 100 Breaststroke
Penn State started exhibitioning as West Chester freshmen Sarah Miller (1:11.83) and freshman Rachael Gale (1:12.66) placed first and second, respectively. Sophomore Karie Haglund, however, had the top time in 1:04.41 as PSU's lead fell to 152-68.

Men's 100 Breaststroke
Due to PSU exhibitioning, West Chester wound up with a top-three technical sweep. Junior Marek Malopolski posted a DII provisional cut to win in 58.02, while freshman Peter Madueno (1:03.74) and senior Mark Iwans (1:04.80) took second and third, respectively. After the end, Penn State's lead dropped to 147-76.

Women's 200 Freestyle Relay
Penn State's team of Molly Crispell, Kelly Nelson, Jessica Barnes and Kristin Smith touched first in 1:38.08, but the West Chester foursome of Jackie Borowski, Kate Jones, Christie Angstadt and Danielle Ierley went down as the official winners in 1:40.10. At the end of the meet, PSU won 152-83.

Men's 200 Freestyle Relay
PSU's team of Basil Kaaki, Sean Swanepoel, Spencer Maglich and Jason Goldner touched first in 1:23.38, although in exhibition, while West Chester's quartet of Bartosz Ostrowski, Brendan Fanslau, Bill Marcum and Kevin Golebiewski earned the event title in 1:25.63. After the meet, the Nittany Lions claimed a 147-91 victory.

Meet of the Week: West Chester at Penn State