Katinka Hosszu With World Record No. 5! Smashes 100 IM Mark in Prelims

BERLIN, Germany, August 11. HUNGARY’s Katinka Hosszu is in love with the world-record bonus checks, now clinching her fifth world-record performance of the week at the FINA World Cup circuit. This morning, she blasted her way to a world record in the women’s 100-meter IM.

Coming into this week, Hinkelien Schreuder had owned the world record with a 57.74. Hosszu then took down that mark twice in Eindhoven with a 57.73 (p) and 57.50 (f) during the final day in The Netherlands.

This morning, Hosszu charted a 57.45 to drop that mark even further. That’s her fifth world record of the tour as she also twice lowered the 200-meter IM in Eindhoven, and with the understanding from Cornel Marculesu withdrew the $50,000 world-record bonus cap, she’s up to $50,000 in just world-record checks.

Hinkelien Schreuder
26.82, 57.74 (30.92)
Katinka Hosszu Prelims Eindhoven
26.39, 57.73 (31.34)
Katinka Hosszu Finals Eindhoven
26.43, 57.50 (31.08)
Katinka Hosszu Prelims Berlin
26.47, 57.45 (30.98)