Jimmy Feigen Pays the Price to Leave Brazil; $10,800 to Charity

Jimmy Feigen
Photo Courtesy: Andy Ringgold/Aringo Photos


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In the latest development of the story surrounding US swimmers Ryan LochteJimmy FeigenJack Conger, and Gunnar Bentz, Feigen is reportedly paying $10,800 to leave Brazil.

Feigen’s lawyer Breno Melarango Costa announced the settlement this morning. Feigen’s passport will be returned once the payment is made. According to Costa, for minor offenses donations may be made in lieu of prosecution. The charges Feigen would have been facing were not announced.

Lochte left Rio before any serious doubts about the armed robbery story emerged. Conger and Bentz were pulled off their flight and questioned. The two were eventually allowed to leave United States last night.

Last night, the US Olympic Committee and USA Swimming issued statements on the mess.

Read more from USA Today here.


  1. Andrew Thomas

    Lochte can pay for the other clowns.

  2. Brian Mullies

    “…send lawyers, guns and money Dad and get me out of this.” — Warren Zevon

  3. Shawn Nowak

    Extortion at its best

  4. Maranda Bell

    Sounds like legal kidnapping funny how video at gas station is missing 3 minutes

    • Debi Skarecky-Hill

      Also funny how there is no damage to the bathroom as they claimed, either. 4 US swimmers were held at gun point by a “security guard” and now they’re the ones in the wrong and one has to pay $10,000 plus to leave the country. How does any American believe Rio’s BS story?

    • Maranda Bell

      So crazy. Also Netherland player was kidnapped at beginning of games and held for money similar to Jimmy Fiegen. The IOC is corrupt and Brazil is corrupt.

  5. Delson Filho

    WE receive you very well, better that we are admited in USA!!! I root for Michael Phelps and Kristin Armstrong. We like very much for all athlete independent of the nationality! Be sure!

  6. Gil Mandel

    Looks like a shakedown, smells like a shakedown…….

  7. Jonna Waller

    “Charity”? That’s extortion. Period.

    • Jonna Waller

      Inge Blok Noordhuis agreed

  8. Ark Vin

    giving bribe to corrupt Brazil police so they will let him go. money will go to fund street prostitution and drug industry .

  9. Jorge Luis Jaramillo

    He paid the price for laying to authorities in another country.

  10. Norwo John

    Lochte Ryan should pay double that amount

    • Kath Taylor

      I’m sure he would if they played the missing three minutes

    • Debi Skarecky-Hill

      He was held at gun point and had money taken by a supposed “security guard”. When a US news show goes and photographs the bathroom there is NO DAMAGE. Then Rio extorts $10,000 from a US citizen so he can leave their corrupt country. Do you really not see anything wrong or scary about this situation??? The blame is on Rio-what a crappy place for the Olympics…might as well host them in Tijuana, Mexico next time?same kind of crap and corruption!

  11. Swim Giggles LLC

    It just keeps getting better…”So, what I told you was true… from a certain point of view.”-Obi Wan Kenobi

  12. Tara Stipe Barnes

    Nothing like getting robbed twice.

    Now, don’t get me wrong–whoever vandalized should have to have some form of compensation, however, money was taken from four people with guns brandished and Brazil is more worried about an embellished story that still contained large amounts of truth?

    Remind me not to go to Brazil.

    • John Magalhaes

      Don’t bother, you wouldn’t fit anyway.

    • Sidney Tran

      Don’t worry! I’m sure Brazilians don’t want you there as a guest either!

    • 余梓鍵

      Just because they were Americans does not excuse their drunken behaviour of vandalism. Now if Americans strongly hold the 2nd Amendment and thieves and crime was common, can you not sympathise and empathise with the Brazilians? Double standards I say.

    • Rick Stanfield

      余梓鍵 – I’m not seeing people excuse their behavior. I am seeing people question the fact they they were indeed held at gunpoint and had to give money to 2 security guards for a broken mirror. Then, Jimmy Feigen was extorted to tune of $11,000 on top of the other payment. Bathroom mirrors at gas stations in Rio must be really pricey.

    • Scott Selnick

      余梓鍵 shut up it hurts

  13. Andy Landy

    Dave James

  14. Amber K. Huff

    What a embarrassing situation for the United States and UT.

  15. Sean McCully

    Tough luck. These young men made a long series of bad decisions and they have to decide how to make it right or at least how to go home and move on. This is an example of how not to behave as a diplomat for your sport and country.

    • Cidinha Netto

      Finally ! Thank you! Obrigada.

    • Sean McCully

      I had initially given them the benefit. Hopefully they learn from this.

  16. Sherry Shanahan

    Nothing says bribery better than that!!!

  17. Nancy Kain

    Mistakes can be expensive

  18. Bennie Bouwer

    Wonder how much if anything of that 11 odd grand are going to any real charity??

  19. Susan Steeper Magnanelli

    While I don’t condone in any way the actions of these swimmers, they had to pay ransom to leave the country. There was no trial before a judge who could’ve fined them, just pay us money to leave. Where is that money going?

  20. Rick Stanfield

    Let’s add extortion to the list of crime committed by Brazilians. Lochte apparently signed a written statement saying they were robbed. While everyone is saying that’s a bald faced lie, I’d like to ask if anyone has every been held at gun point(see video) and forced to pay 2 security guard the money they were carrying on them for a broken mirror at a gas station. A case could easily be made that they were indeed robbed. Anyone here ever been held at gunpoint by security guards at a gas station and forced to pay said security guard immediately for something damaged. So, for an apparent(haven’t seen a copy of statement by the way) false written statement, that wasn’t entirely untrue, by Ryan Lochte, 3 other swimmers had their passports(in essence) stolen by the Brazilian authorities and Jimmy Feigen was extorted to the tune of nearly
    $11,000 for a broken mirror. I’d like to see a receipt from the alleged charity. Don’t assume I say they did nothing wrong. I think Lochte should be suspended for 3-6 months if he actually signed a false statement to police. He and the others should do a PSA about drinking to excess and acting up in public. End of story. Lochte already did his
    Mea culpa on social media and that’s that. This has been the biggest nothing story from the beginning.

    • Debi Skarecky-Hill

      Totally agree with you-such corruption and abuse of US swimmers

  21. Mariana Vayanas

    There’s always two sides to the story, they should have not vandalized which is embarrassing at their age, even if they were 16 or 15, but as grown men and Olympians, that is shameful. Brazil is equally wrong, and it’s shameful to take that money when they are in the wrong also, two wrongs don’t make a right ?

    • Jorge Luis Jaramillo

      You right, they should have been convicted and made them paid with 300 hours of social work.

  22. June Vyse Gravener

    It’s not about money , respect the guests of the other country don’t. Put shame on USA

  23. Scott Selnick

    Or in other words blackmail .

    • Richard Gold

      In other words, a fine to avoid jail.

    • Scott Selnick

      Richard Gold jail for what ?

    • Richard Gold

      Vandalism. Drunk and disorderly. Lying to the police. Being assholes.

  24. Richard Gold

    They vandalized a gas station then lied about being robbed. They are an embarrassment to US Swimming. They should be banned.

    • Scott Selnick

      Really You believe everything you read ?

    • Richard Gold

      You don’t believe the surveillance video?

    • Scott Selnick

      What does the video show exactly ? What ? Where ? I see 4 guys walking out of a van or something ? What is it ? I find it even more convenient that there is even a video
      Some kind of bs set up Richard. Blackmailed them. It happens in piece if shit countries

    • Richard Gold

      No way. Lochte totally lied. They got drunk and a little rowdy. No big deal. But then he made up this bullshit story. If this happened in any U.S. City they would have been arrested for filing a false police report.

      • avatar

        exactly. this is more than vandals breaking a door. This guy took it to a whole different level lying to police and to the world!! He has the audacity to make a mockery of the American people by trying to gain sympathy from us for something that did not even happen while trying to destroy the image been more of an a county that already has severe problems. What kind of person does this? Its truly unimaginable. He even said to the media. “why would anyone make this up?” well thats exactly what I would like to know!!! First, his mom is the one who reports the lie, then he backs it up with fabricated detail. this is way bigger than just breaking a few things at a gas station…which is already bad enough.

  25. Heidi English Mayne

    I wonder why so many of you are expecting due process, when this did not happen on American soil. When you are in a foreign country the rules (if there are any, are different). It’s like the guy being in an uproar for getting thrown in jail for chewing gum or spitting on the sidewalk while in Singapore. If you’re going to a foreign country, know the laws and act accordingly and appropriately. These swimmers were all old enough to know better (especially Lochte) and are ambassadors of the US (whether they like it or not) while there as Olympians. Talk about extremely bad form, and poor judgement. Very disappointed, I hope that they learn from the consequences instead of trying to play the victim as so many of you would have them do.