January SW Magazine What Natalie Coughlin is Looking Forward to in 2014

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Who better to grace the cover of Swimming World Magazine’s January issue than America’s Golden Girl Natalie Coughlin? Coughlin is featured throughout the January magazine: she offers healthy nutrition tips, is quoted in January’s “Faces of Swimming” segment, and even penned an article about the importance of food in her daily life.

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January Swimming World Magazine Table of Contents:

On the Cover:
She’s one of the most decorated American female Olympians of all time, a multiple-time U.S. National team captain and Swimming World Magazine’s 2002 Female Swimmer of the Year. It’s the one and only Natalie Coughlin! [Photo By Kaitlin B. Kelly]

Table of Contents:

8 Swimming Stories of 2013 by Jason Marsteller

12 Lessons with the Legends: Dick Hannula by Michael J. Stott

14 Strategic Pacing in Distance Events (Part II) by Michael J. Stott 

Last month, Swimming World examined the philosophy and psychology behind strategic pacing in distance events. In Part II, we take an in-depth look at the current strategies utilized by some of the world’s top performers.

16 Faces of Swimming by Shoshanna Rutemiller 

Question: What are you looking forward to in 2014?

18 Breaststroke Pullouts by Jeff Commings 

In a short course pool, the underwater breaststroke pullout makes up about half of the race for elite swimmers, so it’s a very important part of a breaststroker’s arsenal. Even in a long course race, the pullout can make or break a swimmer’s potential to win a race. Here are six parts of the underwater pull that are keys to success.

21 America’s Golden Girl by Shoshanna Rutemiller 

Natalie Coughlin has been swimming since she was 6 years old, and at 31, she’s still going strong–striving to improve both as an athlete and a person.

27 Food, Glorious Food! by Natalie Coughlin 

Natalie Coughlin taught herself how to cook when she was in college…and she absolutely loves it!

28 Take Home Points by Dr. G. John Mullen 

In a partnership with Swimming World Magazine, Swimming Science provides “Take Home Points” from in-depth swimming research.

36 Yoga for Swimmers by Steve Krojniewski 

Yoga can help swimmers strengthen their core, stretch the pectorals, open the shoulders and add focus for peak performance.

32 Goldminds: Swim to Win! by Wayne Goldsmith
Commitment–the decision to turn thoughts into actions–is the key to success for every swimmer.

38 Dryside Training: New Year, New Training by J.R. Rosania

40 Swimming Technique Misconceptions: “Catch-up” Freestyle by Rod Havriluk

42 Ask Dr. Shannon: Stretches to Increase Flexibility by Shannon McBride

43 Q&A with Coach Jason Turcotte by Michael J. Stott

45 How They Train Gunnar Bentz and Kylie Stewart by Michael J. Stott

46 Survive and Thrive: Finding A Way by Shoshanna Rutemiller
Despite not having any arms or legs, 39-year-old Craig Dietz is using his success in open water swimming to inspire others.

48 Favorite Sets: Jeff Commings

6 A Voice for the Sport 

49 Up & Comers 

50 Gutter Talk 

54 Parting Shot