ISL Semifinals Match 1: Beata Nelson Wins Twice, Propels Cali Condors ahead of Energy Standard

isl-NELSON Beata CAC Cali Condors (CAC) ISL International Swimming League 2021 Match 7 day 2 Piscina Felice Scandone Napoli, Naples Photo Giorgio Scala / Deepbluemedia / Insidefoto
Beata Nelson. Photo Courtesy: Photo Giorgio Scala / Deepbluemedia / Insidefoto

The International Swimming League (ISL) semifinals began from Eindhoven, Netherlands on Thursday. Energy Standard and the Cali Condors have the top two spots and are facing Team Iron and the DC Trident in the first of six semifinal matchups to see who makes the final.

Cali’s Caeleb Dressel, Hali Flickinger and Energy Standard’s Chad le Clos and Florent Manaudou were not among the start lists for this meet.

For DC Felipe Franca Silva, Zsuzsanna Jakabos and Jay Litherland are not slated to compete, while Team Iron will be without Marco Orsi.

The Cali Condors took the lead behind two victories from Beata Nelson.  Energy Standard was within striking distance, just 14 points behind heading into the second day.

Team Scores

  1. Cali Condors 287
  2. Energy Standard 270
  3. DC Trident 179
  4. Team Iron 166


ISL Match 12 Live Updates:

Women’s 100 Butterfly

The playoffs of the ISL season kicked off with the women’s 100 butterfly and it was a fast start to the Cali Condors.

Kelsi Dahlia won the race in 55.45 to earn some jackpot points. Combined with the third-place points from Erika Brown (56.56) the Condors netted 21 points in the race.

Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom was second in 56.22, while teammate Madeline Banic was fourth in 56.84, giving the team 12 points.


Men’s 100 Butterfly

Team Iron got its first win of the playoffs in the men’s 100 butterfly as Nicholas Santos won in 50.36.

Cali’s Marcin Cieslak took second in 50.43, followed by DC Trident’s Camden Murphy (50.70) and Energy Standard’s Adam Barrett (50.74).


Women’s 200 Backstroke

Cali’s Beata Nelson continued to shine in the backstroke events for the Condors, winning the 200 backstroke (2:03.17).

Energy Standard took the next two spots with Mary-Sophie Harvey taking second in 2:05.26 and Anastasiya Shkurdai finishing third in 2:05.31.

DC’s Klaudia Nazieblo was fourth (2:06.49), followed by teammate Ali DeLoof (2:07.05).


Men’s 200 Backstroke

Team Iron’s Lorenzo Mora took the victory int he 200 backstroke, touching the wall in 1:50.92.

Cali’s Brodie Williams was second in 1:52.55, ahead of Energy’s Evgeny Rylov (1:52.57) and Iron’s Robert Glinta (1:53.37) and Cali’s Coleman Stewart (1:53.69).


Women’s 200 Breaststroke

Lilly King gave the Cali Condors some huge jackpot points, scoring 19 in her win in the 200 breaststroke. King touched the wall in 2:17.43.

DC’s Maria Temnikova finished second in 2:18.60, followed by Team Iron’s Jenna Strauch (2:21.28) and Energy Standard’s Viktoriya Gunes (2:21.93).

The rest of the competitors had their points taken by the jackpot time.


Men’s 200 Breaststroke

Energy Standard’s Ilya Shymanovich earned a close victory in the men’s 200 breaststroke, touching the wall in 2:03.77.

Team Iron’s Erik Persson was just behind at 2:03.92 to take second place, followed by Energy Standard’s Charlie Swanson (2:04.25) and Cali’s Nic Fink (2:04.68).


Women’s 400 Free Relay

Energy Standard earned 30 points by winning the first relay of the ISL playoff match, holding off the Cali Condors by seven tenths of a second.

Siobhan Haughey, Janja Segel, Femke Heemskerk and Sarah Sjostrom finished in 3:29.12.

Cali’s Olivia Smoliga, Erika Brown, Beata Nelson and Natalie Hinds finished second in 3:29.86.

Team Iron’s Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Barbora Seemanova, Danielle Hill and Costanza Cocconcelli took third in 3:32.04.

DC Trident’s Linnea Mack, Isabella Hindley, Leah Neale and Annika Bruhn took fourth in 3:32.97.


Men’s 50 Free

Without Caeleb Dressel, the Cali Condors still got the win in the 50 free as Justin Ress won the 50 free in 21.04.

Team Iron’s Thom de Boer was second (21.08), followed by Energy Standard’s Ben Proud (21.09) and DC’s Ryan Hoffer (21.11).


Women’s 50 Freestyle

Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom, fresh off of her strong performance at Euros, won the 50 free in 23.32.

Team Iron’s Ranomi Kromowidjojo was second in 23.75, followed by DC Trident’s Anna Hopkin (24.02) and Cali’s Erika Brown (24.13).


Men’s 200 IM

The DC Trident earned their first victory of the meet as Andreas Vazaios touched the wall in 1:53.11 to win the 200 IM.

Team Iron’s Leonardo Santos was second in 1:54.89, while Energy Standard’s Andrey Zhilkin was third (1:55.49) and Cali’s Mark Szaranek was fourth (1:56.49).


Women’s 200 IM

Beata Nelson made it 2-for-2 on Thursday. After winning the 200 backstroke, she earned a close victory in the 200 IM.

Nelson touched the wall in 2:06.20, just ahead of Team Iron’s Maria Ugolkova (2:06.89).

Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey finished third in 2:07.87, ahead of teammate Viktoriya Gunes (2:08.62).


Men’s 50 Breaststroke

Energy Standard had a dominating performance in the 50 breaststroke, going 1-2 and a huge jackpot gave the team a stunning 31 points.

Ilya Shymanovich won the race in 25.60 with a huge jackpot. Felipe Lima was second in 26.21.

Cali’s Nic Fink was third in 26.36, the only other swimmer in the field to keep their points.


Women’s 50 Breaststroke

The Cali Condors went 1-2 in a strong performance in the 50 breaststroke.

Lilly King won the race in 29.44 and score 15 points, taking the jackpot points from three competitors. Meanwhile, teammate

Molly Hannis was second in 29.53 and scored seven, giving the Condors 22 points in the event.

Team Iron’s Ida Hulkko was third in 29.84, followed by Energy Standard’s Siobhan Haughey (29.92), who was swimming because of the absence of Benedetta Pilato.


Men’s 400 Free Relay

The Cali Condors won the 400 free relay in 3:08.46 to earn 38 points thanks to some ISL  jackpot times.

Meanwhile the DC Trident took third and fourth, scoring 22 points in the event, a big boost to at team facing an uphill battle against the top two teams in the league.

Cali’s Kacper Majchrzak, Jesse Puts, Marcin Cieslak and Justin Ress won the race in 3;08.46.

Team Iron’s Robert Glinta, Matt Richards, Maxim Lobanovszkij and Thom de Boer took second in 3:09.43.

DC’s third place team of Ryan Hoffer, Zach Harting, Aleksandr Shchegolev and Camden Murphy finished 3:10.14, while the other

DC team of Velimir Stjepanovic, Zane Grothe, Andrew Loy and Sergey Shevtsov took fourth in 3:11.95).
Energy Standard’s top team was disqualified.


Women’s 50 Backstroke

In a fast and close race, it fittingly ended in a tie for first place. Energy Standard’s Simona Kubova and Cali’s Maaike de Waard tied for first place in 26.55.

DC’s Ali DeLoof was third in 26.69, followed by Cali’s Olivia Smoliga (26.78).


Men’s 50 Backstroke

Energy Standard’s Kliment Kolesnikov took the men’s 50 backstroke, touching the wall in 22.94.

Team Iron’s Guilherme Basseto was second in 23.01, followed by DC’s Mark Nikolaev (23.03), Cali’s Coleman Stewart (23.27) and Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov (23.40).


Women’s 400 Freestyle

After swimming the 50 breaststroke, Energy Standard’s Siobhan Haughey turned around and won the 400 free in 359.16. She was the lone swimmer in the field to break 4 minutes and in turn claimed 19 points.

DC Trident went 2-3 with Joanna Evans taking second (4:01.28) and Leah Neale (4:04.26).

Energy Standard also got a boost from the fourth-place finish by Helena Rosendahl Bach (4:05.35).


Men’s 400 Freestyle

Energy Standard swept the 400 free victories. After Haughey won the women’s race, Kregor Zirk took first in the men’s race, touching the wall in 3:41.13.

Cali’s Townley Haas was second in 3:41.36, followed by DC’s Zane Grothe (3:42.62) and Team Iron’s Luiz Altamir Melo (3:43.24).


Women’s 400 Medley Relay

The Cali Condors claimed victory in the final women’s event of the first day, winning the 400 medley relay.

Beata Nelson, Lilly King, Kelsi Dahlia and Erika Brown won in 3:48.63 to earn 20 points.

Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey, Jessica Call, Anastasiya Shkurdai and Sarah Sjostrom took second in 3:50.93.

DC’s Ali DeLoof, Tatiana Belonogoff, Klaudia Nazieblo and Anna Hopkin took third in 3:52.09.


Men’s 400 Medley Relay

The Cali Condors concluded the first day of the meet with a 24-point victory in the 400 medley relay.

Coleman Stewart, Nic Fink, Jose Angel Martinez and Justin Ress touched the wall in 3:23.42, 22 hundredths of a second ahead of the DC Trident.

DC’s Mark Nikolaev, Tommy Cope, Zach Harting and Aleksandr Shchegolev took second in 3:23.64.

Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov, Ilya Shymanovich, Adam Barrett and Kliment Kolesnikov took third in 3:23.80.