Herning 2013 Talks With Hungary’s Daniel Gyurta

HERNING, Denmark, November 19. MEET organizers of the 2013 European Short Course Championships being held in Herning had a quick talk with Hungarian breaststroke star Daniel Gyurta about the meet and hit goals.

Last year at the Olympics in London you won the 200 m breaststroke and this year you won the 200 m breaststroke at the World Championship in Barcelona being the first person ever to win three gold medals in this event at Worlds. How can you use these great results in your future career?
– It was a great pleasure to win again, and this success can currently motivate me. I always manage to find new challenges, which are worth of working to it.

I assume that your preparations towards the European Championships are being made as we speak. How does a typical practice day look for you?
– Certainly, I started my preparation in September. I will have a Word Cup series till the European Championship, but I am really looking forward to the Euro Champ either. I have training six days a week, which consists of gymnastic and swimming trainings.

Which races will you be competing in at the European Championships in Herning 2013? And who do you feel are your biggest competitor(s)?
– Of course, I will compete in my main event, but about the others everything is changeable. During the last period, I got used to facing up to new racers, but I could not avoid mentioning my well-known contestants. I wouldn’t like to give exact names, because I do not want to leave out anybody.

Besides your coach, who is the first you call or talk to after a perfect/fantastic race?
– I call my parents at first, because they have always stood beside me during my career.

If you had to give an advice to children and youngsters, who strive to achieve the results that you have achieved in your carrier, what would it be?
– Perseverance, perseverance, and perseverance again. You must not give up, if you have dreams. Despite of having difficulties during the daily trainings, it is essential to have servile on sport.

Have you ever been in Denmark and do you think that it will make any difference for you that the European Championships is hold in Denmark this year?
– Unfortunately, I have never been to Denmark, so I have a great excitement because of Euro Champ. I am absolutely sure, there will be a splendid competition and the criteria of organization are to be satisfying.