Google Masters Team Attempting World Record 11-Day Relay For Charity


A group of tech workers at Google Masters are attempting a Masters World Record relay swim, and doing it for a variety of good causes.

Eight swimmers are participating relay style in a swim — 470-plus miles — which will take approximately 11 days to complete. A swimmer will be swimming in the Mountain View pool constantly as the group attempts to break the Guinness World Record for continuous swim, set at 470 miles in 1979. They still have a couple of days to go.

The group, comprised of Google Masters swimmers, is raising money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Swimming Saves Lives.

Any donations go to cover costs, then the remaining proceeds will be matched by Google to the two charities. The group has a goal of $30 thousand to raise and has passed $10 thousand so far.

The Google Masters swimmers are Craig Robinson, Joe Gardner, Erik Haugen, Sven Mawson, Collin Johnstson, Tom Dowd, Rob Gray and Joe Young.

Check out more on the event, or find out how to donate here.

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