Former Garden Grove High Swimmer Justin Valdez Killed in San Francisco Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 28. EARLIER this week, former Garden Grove High School swimmer Justin Valdez, 20, was killed in what is being reported as “an unprovoked shooting in San Francisco.”

The killing occurred as part of what police are alleging as a shooting spree. A subject has been arrested after allegedly shooting three people on Monday night. Valdez was allegedly shot in the back shortly after getting off the M-Ocean View Muni train

Valdez was known as a social activist while at Garden Grove, having organized several cost-saving and green initiatives at the school, including Lights Out Wednesdays, where Garden Grove turned off lights in all unused classrooms. Valdez would then report how much money was being saved during those days.

Last night, a vigil and fund-raiser was held at Garden Grove High School on the pool deck.

Friends and family are looking for help with funeral costs, and have set up a crowdfunding link for those that would like to help the family. The goal is to raise $8,000 to cover funeral expenses.

“I just want let everyone that the suspect that killed Justin Valdez has been caught, and thank you everyone for your prays, love, and support for my loving brother.”-Jessica Valdez, sister of Justin and My Cousin. Justin, was taken from this World far too early and he is going to be missed by many family, friends, school mates, and complete strangers that his story has touched. Please, from the bottom of my heart personally, set aside your Starbucks Coffee, or Subway Sandwich this week and make a donation for Justin. All proceeds will directly go towards Justin’s Burial. The smallest donation will help.

CBS article