FINA World Championships Predictions: Men’s 100 Breast

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At last summer’s Olympics in Rio, no swimmer—not even Katie Ledecky—was more dominant in their event than Adam Peaty was in the men’s 100 breast. Expect more of the same this year at the FINA World Championships.

In Rio, Peaty won gold by more than a second and a half, taking the world record down to an unfathomable 57.13 in the process.

Who can challenge him this summer in Budapest at this year’s FINA World Championships? Probably no one. But can he challenge the 57-second barrier? Amazingly, that’s possible.

Read below to see what Swimming World’s trio of experts think will happen in Budapest. David RiederJohn Lohn and Andy Ross will each offer their predictions for who will finish on the podium.

Men’s 100 Breast

Current Records:

World Record: Adam Peaty, GBR (2016) — 57.13
Championship Record: Adam Peaty, GBR (2015) — 58.18
American Record: Kevin Cordes (2017) — 58.74

2015 World Champion: Adam Peaty, GBR — 58.52
2016 Olympic Gold Medalist: Adam Peaty, GBR — 57.13
2017 World No. 1: Adam Peaty, GBR — 57.79

Swimming World Predictions

David Rieder’s Picks:

Gold: Adam Peaty, GBR
Silver: Kevin Cordes, USA
Bronze: Cody Miller, USA

John Lohn’s Picks:

Gold: Adam Peaty, GBR
Silver: Cameron van der Burgh, RSA
Bronze: Kevin Cordes, USA

Andy Ross’ Picks:

Gold: Adam Peaty, GBR
Silver: Kevin Cordes, USA
Bronze: Cameron van der Burgh, RSA

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  1. Shaheen Alghofari

    I think this is not accurate apart from peaty winning but Italian breastrokers are big in swimming now Joe Stott

  2. avatar

    I’m confused David????..How you call it a second and a half win by MORE dominate than a 11+ second win by KL….HOW??? who also broke a world record…We’ll wait…lol

    • avatar

      1.5 seconds over 100, multiply that by 8 which would be Ledeckys 800 and you have a 12 second difference, it’s all in relation to the distance swum and the margin over that distance. You can never really compare any 2 races especially over different strokes but proportionately speaking, Peatys victory was of a greater margin.

      • avatar

        oh that the way its calculated…I dont think so….please…people who go sprints can go all out…they dont have to keep pace… you saying ledeckys time in her 800m should be like her 200m times 4,,,it doesnt work that way

  3. avatar

    Barring illness or injury between now and Budapest, Peaty would need to “self sabotage” not to win this comprehensively.

    Minors are really anyone’s guess. Either/both Americans COULD find themselves on the podium but both have their respective question marks. VDB is realistically reaching the period of his career where we would most likely be seeing ‘diminishing returns’ but no one other than Peaty are swimming spectacular times so he still has to be respected.

    Am not sure if the ITA junior breaststroker Martinenghi is competing in Budapest but, if he is, he may be worth watching. The likes of Chupkov. Lima & Yan cannot be discounted.