FINA Tentatively Approves Two of Indiana’s New Mixed Relay World Records

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, October 10. IT looks like some extended conversation happened after news first broke that FINA would be ignoring all of the relay world record attempts that occurred late last month by Indiana University. FINA has backtracked by explaining that it would approve two of the swims as world records assuming doping controls are passed.

The two records that FINA has stated will stand in the record books are the mixed 200 freestyle relay and the mixed 200 medley relay in short course meter competition. It’s not the eight world records the Hoosiers were trying to claim with their Fall Frenzy event, but it’s still notable.

Once all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, that means that James Wells, Cody Miller, Gia Dalesandro and Olivia Barker will own the mixed 200 medley relay with a 1:49.87, while Bailey Pressey, Stephanie Armstrong, Tanner Kurz and Miller will hold the mixed 200 free relay mark with a 1:41.16.

Michigan and Iowa also came over the top to beat those times just days later at the Michigan Water Carnival. The big question is whether Michigan had all the controls in place to assure a full world record application. Michigan’s Michael Wynalda, Zoe Mattingly, Ali Deloof and Kyle Whitaker clocked a 1:36.78 in the mixed 200 free relay, while Iowa’s Dustin Rhoads, Andrew Marciniak, Haley Gordon and Olivia Kabacinski turned in a 1:46.61 in the mixed 200 medley relay.

All of this will likely be a moot point shortly with the relay records being up for grabs during the FINA World Cup circuit that is reopening this weekend in Moscow.