David Verraszto Draws Suspended Ban from Hungary for Striking Teammate Gergely Gyurta

BUDAPEST, Hungary, January 25. THE Hungarian Swimming Association enacted a suspended nine-month ban of David Verraszto recently. The implementation of the nine-month ban has been pushed back two years so that Verraszto can compete at the Olympics, according to the Hungarian Swimming Association release.

The ban came earlier this month after Verraszto struck teammate Gergely Gyurta on the final day of the 2011 European Short Course Championships in Szczecin, Poland. In an occurrence reminiscent to Nick D'Arcy's assault on Simon Cowley in 2008, Verraszto hit Gyurta at the team celebration in a restaurant after finding out that Gyurta had sent a text message to Verraszto's girlfriend.

According to reports out of Hungary, Verraszto and Gyurta have since settled the argument privately, and neither will comment publicly.