CG Sports Network Weekly Trivia: How Well Do You Know Swimming?

Photo Courtesy: CG Sports Network

Weekly CG Sports Network webinar trivia coming at you! Think you know swimming? Or at least pay attention well enough during the CG Sports Network live webinars? Test your knowledge here!

Weekly webinar trivia coming at you! Check out SwimmingWorld on Facebook for answers on the live stream of The Carpool Lane with Kristy Kowal on Friday, May 5th at 11am PDT.

Missed some CG Sports Network webinars? Jog your memory with the replays here:

Here are the questions from this week’s lineup:

Ryan Held reviewed the Men’s 4×100 Freestyle relay in the finals at the 2016 Olympics with Josh Davis on Motivation Monday. What was his split?

Erika Brown
shared a couple calming tips that she uses before practice and races. Those two key techniques are:

Eva Fabian gave some awesome insight on staying productive and positive through challenges. Which was not one of the small tips that she recommended for long-term success?

TIDE Head Coach Jack Roach went over the pyramid-based approach of coaching levels on the CG Sports Network. Which of the following coaches is at the peak of the pyramid and often asks meaningful questions?

Jack Nichting joined Elizabeth Beisel to talk sports, life, and finding joy. One of the greatest things you can do right now to make someone’s day is to say thank you to:

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