CG Sports Network Season 1 Finale Week: Ryan Held, Eva Fabian, Missy Franklin Parents Join

Photo Courtesy: CG Sports Network

The CG Sports Network has a star-studded week as Ryan Held, Eva Fabian, Erika Brown, Dick and D.A. Franklin (Parents of Missy Franklin) join the star-studded Season 1 finale shows online.

CG Sports Network May 2020 Show Calendar (click the link to sign up for free):

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Monday, May 25, 2:00pm EDT: Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Held talks motivation with Josh Davis on Motivation Monday

Tuesday, May 26, 1:30pm EDT: Leadership Expert Toni Armstrong is joined by Head Coach Jack Roach to discuss team culture in high performing teams on Leadership Power Half Hour


Photo Courtesy: CG Sports Network

Tuesday, May 26, 2:00pm EDT: Katie Hoff is bringing a burner for I.M. FIT

Coach Christen CrowdCast

Photo Courtesy: CG Sports Network

Wednesday, May 27, 1:00pm EDT: Erika Brown, SEC Champ, steps on stage with Coach Christen to talk courage and confidence


Wednesday, May 27, 2:00pm EDT: Elizabeth Beisel talks life and Survivor with sweetheart Jack Nitchting on Silver Lining Live!


Thursday, May 28, 2:00pm EDT: Open Water World Champion Eva Fabian joins Dr. Megan Cannon on The Mind Game


Friday, May 29, 1:00pm EDT: Chuck Batchelor is making a magic meal one more time on Cooking with Chuck!


Friday, May 29, 2:00pm EDT: Legendary Dick and D.A. Franklin join Kristy Kowal on The Carpool Lane to share their experiences raising World Champion Missy Franklin

Saturday, May 30, 11:30am EDT: Katie Hoff is kicking it into gear with Special Guest Felicia Lee for Super Sprint Saturday

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