CeraVe Invitational: Mom Behind The Meet; Berkeley’s Becky Hammond

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Feature by Swimming World intern Valerie Podbelsky

PISCATAWAY, New Jersey, January 14. THREE things you can find at the 2012 CeraVe Invitational are swimmers, coaches, and meet management member, Becky Hammond.

Hammond is the mother of three swimmers, who are competing in this week's meet, as well as a key member of the meet management team. She helps assist in the preparation of the meet as well as the support system for her sons.

Although she is not a swimmer herself, she enjoys watching her sons. She jokingly stated, "Everyone in my family swims. My three sons and my husband are all great swimmers. I don't think I can even make it from end to end; I'm not the fish type."

Hammond started attending the CeraVe swim meets four years ago. She became a member of the management team for two years now.

"I became involved with CeraVe from my sons. There are two ways in which I prepared for this weekend.
The first was preparation as a mother and the second was as a meet manager."

"Preparing for this swim meet as a mother was not easy," admitted Hammond. After chasing her sons, who are members of the Berkeley Aquatics Club, around and making sure each one of them ate, slept, and brought everything they need to the meet she shifted her focus from "mom-ager" to manager.

While working behind the scenes at the meet, Hammond believes that her role as a meet manager is to, "do a little bit of everything." Hammond works to solve any problems that may come up throughout the weekend. At times she also helps with data, but her most important role would be to make sure everything runs smoothly.

CeraVe is one of Hammond's favorites meet to participate in. She loves attending this meet because she appreciates the wonderful opportunity it allows.

"I would love to send a thank you to CeraVe for providing such a wonderful opportunity for all the swimmers. It's a great chance for the younger members to gain experience and watch some of the best swimmers qualify for the Olympic Trials. It also it is great to see the older swimmers perform."

She enjoys watching all of the races because she says it is eye-opening and amazing at watching each swimmer perform.

Before running off to watch the next race, Hammond mentioned another one of her favorite parts of the meet;

"I love the collaboration CeraVe has with Swimming World. Swimming World has great interns and I know the younger swimmers, like my sons, are always excited to see themselves on television."

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