Bob Groseth on CSCAA’s New Polling System; Poll of the Week Featured Close Battle for Title of Best Female Breaststroker

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 20. BOB Groseth joins today's edition of The Morning Swim Show to talk about devising a better poll to determine the best college swimming and diving teams in the country during the dual meet season, and we tell you who viewers picked as the best female breaststroker in the world.

Groseth, the executive director of the College Swimming Coaches Association of America, details the new poll system, including involving more coaches for a borader perspective on the top teams in the country. Host Peter Busch gives the results of the recent Poll of the Week, in which we asked you to vote for the best female breaststroker in the world. Watch the full show in the video player below and visit Swimming World.TV for more video interviews.

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