Commit Swimming: Tracking Athlete Attendance a New Feature

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New in Commit Swimming: Attendance Options

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We just added a new feature in Commit Swimming that allows you to “excuse” a swimmer from a practice. Until now, in Commit, if there was an athlete who missed a workout for a legitimate reason or attended a different group’s practice there was no way to “excuse” that swimmer from the original practice.

This is a scenario that came up over and over again in conversations with coaches that use Commit to track their team’s training and attendance. We listened and added an easy way to make this happen in the attendance analytics section of the app.

To excuse a swimmer from a workout in which they were marked absent, it’s simple:

  • Navigate to the attendance section.

Commit Swimming: Attendance section

  • Search for the swimmer.

Commit Swimming: Swimmer Search

  • Excuse him/ her from the appropriate practice.

Commit Swimming: Athlete Attendance

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Analyzing Attendance

Now that you can more accurately record attendance in Commit by marking swimmers as “Attended”, “Missed”, or “Excused”, seeing it show up in your team’s attendance dashboard is that much more rewarding.

To view the entire team’s attendance in one snapshot, go to the attendance section in Commit. Then, select the dates you wish to see:

Commit Swimming: Attendance Analysis

Then, sort the attendance report however you want to:

Commit Swimming: Attendance

Okay – So how do I try it?

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