Big Ten Weekly Preview: Ohio State Faces Kentucky; Minnesota in Hawaii

Photo Courtesy: The Ohio State University

By Dan D’Addona.

There are just two meets this weekend with Big Ten connections, but they should be pretty interesting.
Ohio State swims at Kentucky on Friday and Saturday, along with Toledo.

The Buckeyes have had a decent schedule this season, but have only faced non-power conference opponents this season in dual meets.

That changes this weekend at Kentucky with a battle between the Big Ten and SEC.

It kicks off a huge portion of the Ohio State season as the Buckeyes will have a week off following this road trip before facing Alabama and rival Michigan in the same week.

The Buckeyes are No. 18 in the men’s national poll, while Alabama is No. 17 and Michigan is No. 8.

In the women’s poll, Ohio State is No. 13, while Kentucky is No. 15. Michigan is No. 4 and Alabama is No. 20.

This will be a tune-up meet as the Buckeyes will look to get back to racing shape, especially knowing that another week off is coming before facing its biggest dual meets of the season.

The other Big Ten meet this week is the culmination of a training trip as Minnesota swims at Hawaii on Saturday.

The Golden Gophers are ranked No. 22 in the men’s poll and No. 16 in the women’s poll.

Training trips can be pivotal building team morale and camaraderie and meets that happen on those trips are definitely fun. But the Golden Gophers have some work to do in the Big Ten and this meet won’t be all fun and games as they look to get back to business upon their return.


  1. Steven Jackman

    Glad to see swimmers can train the year round, and earn some money after college doing professional swimming.
    We were not allowed to earn 1 penny swimming back then. Professional swimming didn’t exist.
    *My one regret, I never got to train in Hawaii.

  2. Steven Jackman

    When I trained at Minn 55 yrs ago we had an old steep wall pool built in the early 1920’s. Back then the pools were like bathtubs, extremely wavy. We had to train in Mpls, no Hawaii trips.
    We were # 3 in the NCAA my Jr yr, then my coach quit and when into full time research. My senior year, we hung on for a top 5 finish.
    We were only allowed to train from after Thanksgiving to the end of Feb. Goggles weren’t invented for 10 yrs, the suits were baggy, no swim caps, AND we had to grab the walls on the turns.
    They through the hand touch out after I graduated in ’63.
    I went to medical school.

    Looking at Caleb Dressels first 25 yd split on his 50 from last year’s NCAA at 8.8 was my fastest 25 yd split 55 yrs ago, BUT, again we had to grab the wall on the turn, and the pools were like a novelty park wave pool after the first lap with 6 or 8 big guys blasting through the waves.