2019 Speedo Sectionals Plantation Day 3: Atkinson, Weyant Lead Winners


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The 2019 Speedo Sectional in Plantation, Florida, continued on Saturday.

The meet, also known as the Southern Zone South Sectional Championships, is hosted by the South Florida Aquatic Club.

Alia Atkinson made the big splashes on Friday and won again on Saturday. Emma Weyant claimed double victories as well.

Women’s 100 Back

Gator Swim Club’s Caitlin Brooks won the 100 back to start the Saturday session. She finished in 1:01.96, followed by Azura’s Celina Marquez (1:04.64).

Emily Crane was third (1:05.37), followed by Clair Timson (1:05.52), Megan Murphy (1:05.56), Madison Cummings (1:06.54), Daciana Colon (1:06.97) and Bettina Boszormenyi (1:07.26).

Men’s 100 Back

Barrington’s Griffin O’Leary won the 100 back in 57.21. The 15-year-old held off the field by more than a second.

Dan Cross finished second (58.42), followed by Joshua Zuchowski (58.43), Payton Plumb (58.46), Steven Aimable (59.16), David Yuni Rowe (59.50), Lance Lesage (59.76) and Preston Harrison (1:00.15).

Women’s 50 Free

South Florida Aquatic Club’s Alia Atkinson cruised to victory in the 50 breast on Saturday, clocking a 31.00 to hold off the field by more than two seconds in such a short event.

Patricia Casellas was second (33.88), followed by Shayna Fetes (34.00), Heidi Smithwick (34.38), Olivia Dinehart (34.59), Jayla Pina (34.72), Katelyn Barkman (34.88) and Chloe Hernandez (35.24).

Men’s 50 Breast

Lukas Macek held off Spartan Aquatic Club’s Jacob Budnitz to win the 50 breast. Macek finished in 29.76, ahead of Budnitz (29.82).

Arnold Luk finished third (30.06), followed by Joshua Hanks (30.11), Ryaan Hatoum (30.14), Christian March (30.49), Diego Jesus Duarte (30.49) and Luke Shourds (30.56).

Women’s 50 Fly

Marie Wattel surged to victory in the 50 fly. She finished in 26.40 to hold off Alia Atkinson (27.14).

Alia Bates was third (27.38), followed by Chade Nersicio (28.47), Caitlin Brooks (28.61), Beatriz Padron (28.63), Abigail Gibbons (28.74) and Madison Cummings (28.85).

Men’s 50 Fly

Runar Borgen of Performance won the 50 fly in 24.86 to edge Azura’s Luciano Gonzalez (25.01).

Kent Olsen-Stavrakas was third (25.11), followed by Thiago Sickert (25.53), Anthony Barbar (25.58), Bryan Alvarez (25.59), Preston Harrison (25.69) and Gabriel Araya (25.92).

Women’s 200 IM

Sarasota’s Emma Weyant cruised past the rest of the field to win the 200 IM in 2:17.80.

The 17-year-old was nearly four seconds ahead of the field.

North Palm Beach’s Jennifer Secrest took second in 2:21.12, followed by Shayna Fetes (2:21.96), Michelle Morgan (2:22.47), Paige Maceachern (2:23.07), Isabel Traba (2:25.00), Sumner Chmielewski (2:25.45) and Gracie Weyant (2:26.19).

Men’s 200 IM

Gabriel Parnell surged to the 200 IM title, finishing in 2:04.85.

Gator Swim Club’s Santiago Corredor took second (2:06.43), ahead of Kamal Muhammad (2:08.06), Joshua Zuchowski (2:10.63), Julian Hill (2:10.74), Matheo Mateos (2:10.83), Alexander Gusev (2:11.08) and Luke Shourds (2:11.42).

Women’s 50 Free

Loughborough’s Emily Barclay won the 50 free in 25.78 to hold off Talia Bates (26.10).

Chloe Grimme and Allyson Ponson tied for third at 26.46, followed by Mckenna Smith (26.49), Eboni McCarty (26.84), Megan Hansen (26.95) and Chade Nersicio (27.63).

Men’s 50 Free

Coral Springs’ Bruno Fratus won the men’s 50 free in 22.15. He finished ahead of Loughborough’s Tom Fannon (22.86).

Kent Olsen-Stavrakas was third (23.45), follow by Steven Aimable (23.68), Sam Irvine (23.72), Sidrell Williams (23.85), Luciano Gonzalez (23.91) and Blake Wilton (24.06).

Women’s 400 Free

Sarasota’s Emma Weyant made it 2-for-2 by winning the 400 free in 4:14.54, winning her second event of the day, this one by nearly five seconds.

South Florida’s Mary Smutny finished second (4:19.34), followed by Michaela Mattes (4:20.73), Nikki Miller (4:21.94), Anna Auld (4:23.06), Michelle Morgan (4:23.84), Savannah Barr (4:24.26) and Mallory Schleicher (4:28.08).

Men’s 400 Free

Gator’s Santiago Corredor earned a huge win in the 400 free. He won in 3:57.97, nearly seven seconds ahead of the field.

Gabriel Araya finished second (4:04.27), followed by Julian Hill (4:05.13), Sarsen Whatmore (4:07.21), Alexander Gusev (4:07.36), Zachary Szmania (4:07.78), Neal Wolfram (4:09.95) and Peyton Werner (4:10.64).

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Sarasota cruised to victory in the 400 medley relay to close out the women’s session.

Naomi Chance, Emma Weyant, Isabel Traba and Savannah Barr finished in 4:23.65.

East Coast finished second in 4:25.75 and Azura was third in 4:26.22.

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Colorado Stars earned a slim victory in the 400 medley relay. Preston Harrison, Arnold Luk, Blake Wilton and Kent Olsen-Stavrakas won the event in 3:54.83.

Azura finished second in 3:55.40 and Spartan was third in 3:59.07.